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Blog You'll be happy to hear I'm resigning as a mod [GodsDog]

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Hi folks.

I've been moderating here as "GodsDog" for a few years now, doing my best to help keep the conversation flowing
and stopping you lot from tearing each others throats out when things heated up etc.
I've done my best but it hasn't always been perfect I admit.

However of late it's been very hard to actually do my job here on account of certain personal and spiteful vendettas on the part of two other mods you will all know and I will refer to here as


Gerhard Dangler



Blue Vulva.

Two right Dolly Parton fans I'm sure many of you will agree!

Also George Soros and Brigade 77 payroll have decided the site is no longer worthy of investment so they have stopped my huge monthly cheque for controlling the message here and censoring the truth telling.

For those reasons many of you will be pleased to hear that, rather than continue to bang my head off a wall for nothing,
I have decided to call it a day as a moderator here.

No doubt laurel and hardy will be celebrating tonight!

And a few conspiracy fans too perhaps? - The NWO has lost an acolyte. Get it down ye lads! ;)


Anyhow I thought it would be unfair of me to leave my position without giving all those people whom I have moderated a free pop at me to express all the bile and petty resentments they may have compressed down and stored in their balls all these years so that they do not have to keep it all locked away there and end up dying of some horrible testicle cancer or something down the line. :ROFLMAO:

So think of this thread as my parting gift, an open goal opportunity to get it all of your chest.
Please just knock yourselves out!


Foul language is allowed, nay encouraged. 🐔
All I ask is that you at least attempt to show a sense of humour and some creativity in your invective

I promise I'll read anything posted here however critical and it's pretty much no holds barred as the thread will be self moderated. I reserve the right to bite back occasionally if the mood takes me though! ;)


To the rest of you with whom I have had relatively sane and normal
adult interactions with over the years here, thanks!
It's been fun and I wish you all well. 🥃

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Nov 16, 2015
And on that note I think I'll close this thread. I think anyone interested has had their pop by now.
Also as a honey pot thread to draw attention to a couple of problem posters I think it's been useful too.

Anyway, thanks to all who gave positive messages.
To the rest, hope you cleared the old balls out and don't get that cancer now.

Enjoy your new mod team:


Blue Vulva.



Conall Gulban



[and of course lets not forget most important of all, Rick and Hans!!]

Try and be nice to them.
C*nts or not (in two cases), they have still volunteered their own time to help keep your site going
and it's a thankless shit time consuming job for the most part, though it does have it's moments.

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