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Would you attempt to minimise your 'Taxman-footprint'....for the greater good of society ?

Nov 5, 2018
When i see the way tax money is flittered away on :
vanity projects,
compensation claim crooks,
the longterm unemployed with a bottle in their hand ,
the irish Navy acting as a taxi service for refugees in the Med,
the irish army on duty in parts of the world i cannot even find on a map, some 'Defence Force' ?
payoffs to the angry,
One of the highest paid Prime Minister's in the world.
Foreign Multinationals enjoying the benefits of irish domicile yet giving precious little back to the Irish State.
overpaid public servants
a runaway Welfare State,
poor Health/justice/housing provision for workers,
militant Equal opportunities policies,
Direct Provision and the signup to the Migration Pact with no Mandate from the public.
Shirkers with a better 'life outcome' than workers, etc etc

Does it make you furious that nobody is listening to the voter ? The billions of quid for the bank-bailout was the last straw. How does it make you feel ? One response is to learn from attempts to reduce your Carbon-footprint, and try to reduce your revenue footprint. Hit the dodgy bureaucrats where it most hurts, in their wallet. If the Social Contract broken then why should you be locked into the payments scheme ?

What ideas ?

Just a few easy tips :

- brew your own beer or go dry.
- work a 3 day week
- cycle to work
- Take an unemployment sabbatical once every 3 years.
- grow your own fruit & Veg.
- catch mackerel from the end of the pier
- buy your cigarettes on holiday in Spain
- ensure you are not a home-owner prior to going into elderly retirement care.
- boycott the public Opium that is Spectator Sport.
- pay your corner shop in cash and insist you do not want a receipt. ( restaurants, hairdressers, windsurfing lessons ditto ).
- live an ascetic lifestyle free from rampant consumerism, property market slavery, and vehicular one upmanship.

why be a victim to an unaccountable regime ?

If everybody did this, we would start a revolution in public life. What are your thoughts ?
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Jun 12, 2019
Spend as little as possible. Most of my spare money goes on trips abroad.
Putting on the green jersey can f off.


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Oct 18, 2018
Left also - now I pay a flat rate of 19% in the EU - for better services and with far less paper work too.


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Jul 28, 2018
1) Go into politics and spew as much retarded libtard crap as possible or go into the media, it has worked wonders for the most useless generation EVER in Irish society, they have proven how hypocritical they are by hiding like nimby cowards from the real world in D4, and the fooking pensions are incredible, nothing would please me more than seeing the retards get their third world social welfare diversity next door and their house prices crash,, their kids fighting for places in schools and Garda vans tearing up and down their roads all day,, Welcome to the neighbourhood,,, scumbag liars,

2) Make money ? lots of it,, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates really invented nothing only patents and refined the Xerox Alto PC (1973)
Xerox Alto - Wikipedia ,

Richard Branson invented NOTHING only expert bullsh1t at selling and branding while robbing a well known Religious and innocent terminology,

Ryan Air copied the Southwest Airlines model from 1967 FFS,, J.D Rockefeller was a ruthless businessman that started with NOTHING and would be still considered the richest man alive in relative terms, (400 billion, self made) I do like his quote,and he did give a shitload of money away,
"Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it"

Hence we have the libtard, former rentboy, killing floor screamer and waste of space O Gorman spewing his crap ,, his job is to be out in Hong Kong or Riyadh ?? , not a fooking chance,, somewhere there is a little village that needs a gaypride parade and human killing floor,,

3) Forget the glam and ego, make fooking money, use that free billion dollar computer in your skull and do better, be smarter, be better, be harder, and above all else turn the crap in your life into a positive energy, use it,,twist it around, don't let it use you,,, and then use that money to help the next generation before they are brainwashed by the libtard federalist fascists,,
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