Would the Irish government go so far to rig an election/referendum?

Jan 11, 2018
Yr a Simpleton, This is Not about RAPE, the 3%, which COULD of been inserted in Article 40.... but Wasn't !! FOR A REASON.
This is about THE 97%,
The Doctors are Not Breaking Out in a Sweat, & you have NO Names of Those Imprisioned....
Soros is NOT Interested in Money, He's interested in HACKING OUR Constitution, to bring down the Birth Rate (OVER TIME) & push more immigration, to create a LOW Wage, Mixed Race Federation of ONE identity, 2 END Nation States.
This 'Federation' would be Under Their Control, the Elite 1%, under a Centralized Government.
There is NO Issue about SHIT Parenting. SHIT Parenting Happens EVEN WITH NO ABORTION IN IRELAND !!!!!
There is NOT Sufficient Protection for the Unborn as some will Procrastinate UNTIL 3 MONTHS !!!!
BECAUSE THEY CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AS for your REVENGE on some 'disgraced religious cult', the ONLY REVENGE you'll be Enacting is On the Unborn, who will have to be KILLED First, to Satisfy yr 'REVENGE'.
Overall, They should be Forced to make a decision by Limiting the Damage to ONE Month. For NO...../Social Reasons......
The GDP will rise when Irish people murder their own. I didn't really mind the housing bubble, but now wer're in perpetual death boom.


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Feb 25, 2016
Ireland voted no in the first referendum and yet one year later we voted Yes? After this, we were shafted by Europe on banking debt and yet despite the way we were treated and previously voting No, we are now one of the countries who love the EU the most?

If i remember correctly the vote first time round took nearly 4-5 days to count. yet within 24hrs a yes was sounded the second time round i always thought that a bit odd
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