Why the Trannie agenda must be opposed.


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May 25, 2018
I'm not against tattoos but I think it would be better if people had to prove they were over 21 to get one. I have tattoos that I mildly regret but that is part of being a member of the tribe I weaned in. "Sex changes" are a whole different thing. Teens have a strong thing about identity so can easily latch unto things like this not thinking about the future. I don't believe for a moment that there were tons of wannabe trannies wandering 1980s Cork, Galway or Dublin.

Good thinking regarding Tattoos.. i would not object to that.

As for transgenders, they are the flavour of the month and hopefully will be consigned to the bottom of the heap.. there is a lot of /to much attention given to them ..I think that a lot of them are attention seekers..and warped individuals ,
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