Why is a Muslim on here allowed attack our religion?

jon 1000's of irish f

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May 27, 2018
This brave young man stood up for what he believed in , the MSM , and SJW, thought police went for him big time as he is a high profile sport figure. He now has lost everything, no income or way to support himself or any of his family. They dress their Stalin like thought crime terror up in all kinds of lying terms , that he brings his sport in to disrepute, and other utter nonsense. He was targeted simply because he is seen as a role model , and his views on certain issues the youth must not be allowed to hear. It also send out a chilling message to other high profile figures to self censor themselves , and always toe the line as regards political correctness. The sad thing is this guy has countless millions in Australia and worldwide who back his every last word, but that will not help him as securing a living. If every time a high profile person spoke out and they destroy their career or financial security , people should crowd fund them untill they have security of a regular decent income . This guy they are not finished with , they will try and extract a complete revere of what he stand for , and then they will throw him to the dogs.Little wonder it now only the very brave who stand up to this evil now taking control of all Western Nations.
the satanists are out of control..
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