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What needs to be done to “motivate and educate” voters and non-voters?

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With the fall in voter participation (less than 50% in 2019 local elections) what needs to be done to motivate and educate the citizens who don’t vote?
The personality politician is also quickly taking hold in Ireland in recent years with MEPs such as Maria Walsh whose only claim to fame is being the first lesbian Rose of Tralee. Why do voters give their preference to celebs like this rather than focus on the policies of the candidates and and their party?

One solution to voter participation would be to provide a reward or punishment for voting.

Maybe we can auto-register 2nd level students in the electoral register so they can vote once they reach 18?

But the burning questions for me is, why do voters vote without much consideration for politics or policy?
And what can we do about it?


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Oct 23, 2018
Import a million Nigerians. That'll sort it out once and for all. We can import refuse overspill from Malaysia and create a dump in every ward. Work for all, scavenging. Lenihan was game for giving access to Dunsink to keep the Taxi Drivers going during the lean decade. Why not the Nigerians? They'd be right at home there. Then the fucker went and escaped.
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Aug 3, 2018
people stick to "traditional voting patterns down generations".When I got the vote I voted FF because our family were a FF household.that was in the early 80s and was young and non-political.I emigrated at 22 years of age and "grew up and learnt for myself and from life".By the time I was 30 I hated all politicos and their hangers-on and all the corrupting , pervasiveness of the the whole collaboration between Industry, power, MNCs etc.I 'm in my mid 50s now and not on the voting register and will never bother again.THe people in this country are very conservative, parochial and don't do radicalism in any form.All housing development plans are objected to and people are NIMBYS to the detriment to their own family members but they just cannot see it.One-off housing for young Johnny and Mary is ok but when a housing development for 60-80 houses is planned on the outskirts of town for someone else's Johnny and Mary up goes the placards and in goes the objection to the local planning office.
We are still stuck in the mindset from the 1940s /50s , it is alright for my family but to hell with them blow-ins and strangers moving in to our area.It's enough to make you cry at times.


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Oct 30, 2015
How did Padraig Pearse and Tom Clarke get the voters out?

Participation in a game alteady rigged by enemy is a waste of energy.

bells of shandon

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Jun 13, 2019
For democracy to flourish, an educated, and informed voting public is required. We do not have that in Ireland. The electorate are fed endless disinformation from the captured Media. Very few question the credibility of Paddys Pravda.
Truth tellers just need to counter Govt propaganda in their daily lives and try and spread an alternative view.
Ireland has never had a dissenting base. Economic realities meant that they were frozen out of employment and emigrated ,from the founding of the State. We are at present exporting the cream of our youth at the rate of over 30lk/year, so there is little possibility to build a base of dissatisfied voters.
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