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Hi all, Lightslit here.

Ideologically speaking, my views are of a continental rightist orientation The continental rightist perspective believes in the organic state, supports intermediate identities (family, parish, county, nation, race ect.) between the individual and the formless masses known as 'humanity', it believes Schmitt's notion of the 'Political' is the basis of all order, it rejects linear history, supports sexual polarity, acknowledges the importance of myth in social life, and also disputes the fetishism of the individual whether in the realm of economics (Capitalism) or in the domain of social life (Transsexualism, Homosexuality, Abortion ect. all appeal to notions of individual autonomy, and are the logical end result of Liberalism). I believe Liberalism is THE ENEMY, and must be destroyed if our people are to revive themselves.

I must be clarify, the reason I use the label 'continental' is in order to differentiate the right wing tradition on the continent from the bastardised version found in Britain, Ireland, America ect. which is pure liberalism or its ideological outgrowth libertarianism, and hence not right wing. Liberalism was the revolt against religion, against the organic notion of society, against prevailing collective identities, against prohibitions on Usury, against ethnos ect. English speaking right wingers are liberals whose views led to the latest progressive rot which they claim to fight. The position inherently is cognitively dissonant, which is why the left has the intellectual advantage over the right since it is consistent. Also, my use of 'continental' should not convey a greater interest in the continent over Ireland. I'm an Irish nationalist who holds fidelity to the nation first and foremost.

Looking forward to contributing to the forum.
Well put, I think you'll find many folks here share a similar outlook in relation to political and socio-economic matters as yourself. Welcome aboard.
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