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Welcome to "Itcoin"- a Trojan Italian Parallel Currency Project to replace that stupid €uro

Dublin 4

Dublin 4

PI Member
Nov 21, 2015

bells of shandon

PI Member
Jun 13, 2019
The Economic means to revive a stagnant economy, is to invest in infrastructure and create full employment with Govt created jobs.
The 19 Eurozone Nations of which Italy and Ireland are a part, do not have this option.
They do not control their own currencies.
To raise deficit money ,they are forced to issue bonds to the International Financial Markets at punitive interest rates
It is clear that the Euro is like a Shepherds dog, it herds a Nation into the Private Banking sector to be sheared like a sheep.
This is an untenable system ,which results in poverty, infrastructure decay and economic collapse.
Italy under Salvini came up with several ideas for Parallel currencies to escape the shackles of the Euro.
The EU was terrified, the control of the money system by the ECB is the source of their Power and Control. They conspired to remove him by forming an unholy alliance between the Right and the 5 Star Left.
For the 5 Star Left ,this has been a strategic disaster and a short term gain, Their members feel betrayed and an election in the near future will re-instate Salvini in Power.
The Resistance to the EU is rising in Europe with Victor Orban and Salvini leading the Push Back.
Europeans are realising that the Economic and Social Policies of the EU are a danger to their Nation States. Mass migration and bad Economic policy only favour the Banks and Corporations.
The original idea of Europe as a collection of Independent Nations is being deliberately destroyed by EU Policies.
Brexit will begin the collapse of the corrupt EU and is why every means is being used to prevent it.
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