UK agree's with the EU a Norway-style transition

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May 5, 2017
The UK has already “agreed in principle” to a Norway-style Brexit transition period in which it accepts all EU rules with no power to shape them, a senior figure in Brussels has told The Independent.

A key member of the European Parliament’s Brexit team said British negotiators raised no objections to the plans, which would mean accepting free movement and customs union rules, and falling under the European Court’s jurisdiction.

During that period, the UK would have full access to the single market, adhere to free movement rules and those of the customs union and follow edicts from the European Court of Justice.

The UK would also continue to pay into the EU budget, but will not have any voting rights or a seat at the European Council – a situation akin to Norway’s current relationship with the EU.

UK has already 'agreed in principle' to Norway-style Brexit transition

This could lead to an interesting situation by mid-2020 if the economy is doing well under the "transition" rules but trade talks outside the EU are struggling and public opinion is shifting further away from Leave then there would be pressure on the government to extend the transition or even make it permanent.