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Jul 31, 2017
Facts or logic is irrelevant to a lot of progressive cultists, tuckers message is to his base who likely already agree with him, the cognitive dissonance of a cultist will block any number or statistics or hard truths. Only when they are one the ground getting their teeth kicked might they see the light at this point, the programming is strong, not forgetting that many a battered housewife may continue to stick by her abuser. Having said that those on the fence, as in a very large section of the population might be open to his message by now.

They are looking for a way to oust Trump, everything else is irrelevant, its the US, whatever people think of him here is irrelevant even though our americanised progressive media is lock step with new yorks on the subject, that he wasn't meant to win. Funnily enough they are making sure the police act against any protests in New York ‘Kettling’ of peaceful protesters after curfew shows aggressive shift by New York police and put a stop to businesses being destroyed there.

The democratic states especially are legalising more and more petty crimes for blacks and other minorities that are being welcomed by them, sanctuary cities are becoming more and more lawless ones.

The police in america are actively ignoring more and more crimes done by none whites in the diverse areas as they do not what the hassle, similar issues in the UK, where the chance of losing your job for being called racist for doing your job, let alone worse outcomes. But they will continue to police the whites as they need their numbers up and do not have to worry about executing white people in general if they mess it up or are more inclined due to police state training they are more and more being exposed to, this has being going on for a while and is speeding up.

I would think they are looking for another Kent State shootings - Wikipedia, and likely why Trump is crippled with the response, they want him to override the states and send them in himself and be directly responsible for some supposed massacre in some way, and there are too many useless people running things locally or are similarly demented regards tds.

However its a mess, they like to open a lot of pandora's boxes and actions have consequences, as now that the blacks in the US see the states sub systems are not responding to their actions, they will become bolder and more lawless, and the whites and model minorities will flee the cities or states more so which uphold some semblance of law and order, or at least head for the suburbs, helped further by the work from home adjustments many companies are already behind due to the virus over the past many months and businesses burned to the ground that will not return, both small and corporate. Lots more detroits will be the result as the Ferguson effect - Wikipedia ramps up, and a lot more militias will get started up over there as people see the government's monopoly of violence is selective at best.


PI Member
Feb 21, 2019
The data he is quoting shows police shot dead twenty unarmed white people last year and ten unarmed black people. This is supposed to deny the existence of racism. The statistic he leaves out is that white population is 500% larger than the black population.
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