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Self Moderated Tribute to the Noble Hero and Martyr of God, Shaheed General Qasem Soleimani

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Tadhg Gaelach

Tadhg Gaelach

Jan 14, 2016
By the Gulag wall.
The sad fact is that Septic Sam knew what he was doing. Iran's effectiveness as a military force has been severely curtailed by the loss of one of the most outstanding military minds of modern times. It's clear that the US, England or Israel had nothing to compare with him, otherwise he could not have run rings around them with only a tiny fraction of their firepower and infrastructure. The only hope now is that his work has brought the situation to a point of no return, and that the Shia forces in Iraq are strong enough and determined enough to launch the final push to drive the Saxon into the sea. I have no fears for Hezbollah as they are already a world class fighting force - and Iran will continue to supply them with the modern weaponry they need. The Syrian Arab Army is now one of the most battle hardened forces in the world today. They are well supplied by Russia, Iran and China. I believe the Houthis in Yemen are also already a battle hardened and determined force. So, it may be that Septic Sam's cowardly treachery will speed up his demise in the region rather than turn the tables in his favour.
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