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Tommy Robinson's 8 year daughter molested


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Aug 20, 2019
Tommy Robinson & his family were at the Centre Parcs family resort in Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire earlier this month.

On the 2nd of March his daughter (8 year old) allegedly had her 'bum' 'squeezed' by a man in the children's swimming pool. This 'Asian' man was with two other men in the pool, without children.

Tommy Robinson, upon hearing his daughters allegation, sought out the man and restrained him until the police arrived. The man suffered a bloody nose, in which Tommy Robinson was then arrested for common assault.

He is due in Luton Magistrates on the 2nd of April where, imo, he is likely to receive yet another prison sentence. No jury. He has never faced a jury.

To me, this is conveniently timed, considering he has just launched a free speech movement in London with other prominent speakers. This movement is called 'Hearts Of Oak' and the following is a clip of his section of their first meeting.

Below, is the video Tommy released showing his arrest. It also includes his daughters testimony regarding her sexual assault.

Below again, is a disturbing phonecall Tommy Robinson has with the investigating officer of the Centre Parcs incident.

The left and MSM media naturally went with the sensational headlines such as 'Far right Robinson arrested for assaulting man at family resort' etc etc etc.

Now, whether you like Mr.Robinson or not, should be irrelevant here. There is an allegation of a sexual assault on an 8 year old girl which has been omitted.
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Jul 27, 2018
I saw this in the media earlier and the alleged assault on his daughter was omitted, only stories of several witnesses seeing him beating up an asian male. Robinson may well have gone over the top in his attack but I think many other fathers would have behaved similarly in the circumstances. What were these three men doing in the pool at this family resort without children, and where was security?
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