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Thread for the Plant who did Roman Salute at the protest outside Google


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That is a fair assessment , but when you look at it closer, with all the video evidence available, he appeared to be working in tandem with one or more of the loons, particularly a guy taking photographs, who gave a thumbs up after he took some photos of the staged farce. He also according to people there on the ground , refused to engage with others among the Patriots , which is often a give away.
Why would he do such a thing , then skulk away , even if he did think " that a clearer message should be sent out". as you put it.
No, this young man knew exactly what he was doing , and if he knew anything , he knew that his actions would not advance the Patriot Irish cause , but cause it to have a major setback, when it now making slow but steady progress.
The Patriot Irish cause could have suffered a major blow , only for the vigilance of people, not only on this platform , but others who are wide awake , to such black propaganda and smear tactics.
If social media , internet, mobile phones, live streaming were not available , and this was several years ago , this guy could have got away with his staged stunt , and the Irish Nationalist Movement along with all Patriot Irish Movements , including Gemma and ACI , would today be looking at complete wipe out.
That is why vigilance to infiltration is so important , or people who have no idea how the corrupt MSM work , giving interviews , then their views , edited , chopped and spliced , then fed to a gullible public as truth.
It is also critically important for anyone attending such meetings, to never ever, engage with the Newsprint Media, or TV media, they are not on your side, they will entrap you , and turn you inside out.
Only those people with a proven background in how to deal with the Media must give interviews, others who are not media savvy , stay a mile away from them .
Gemma herself has warned many times how they operate, as a journalist herself , do not ignore her advice when they ask for interviews.
Look how Peadar Toibin’s immigration interview was cut and spliced. #not-an-Aontu-plant
Nov 5, 2018
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Only 231 sleeps till Hitler's birthday,

I can almost taste that chocolate biscuit cake.


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Mar 21, 2019
Over there...
Only 231 sleeps..
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If I'm not mistaken the OP's pic is not a Roman salute.
IIRC the Roman salute is right hand fist against the left chest, then arm extending outwards (open level hand) at the same level of the chest.

I stand for correction.
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