This weird story in the Sunday Times about QIAIFs


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Oct 30, 2015
Page 5, todays Sunday Times biz section. Opposite my main man Cormac Lucey. Seemingly a wikipedia editor has been writing about QIAIFs....

Irish QIAIFs and LQIAIFs can be integrated with Irish corporate base erosion and profit shifting ("BEPS") tax tools to create confidential routes out of the Irish tax system to Ireland's main Sink OFC, Luxembourg.[c]

In March 2019, the UN formally identified Ireland's "preferential tax regimes" for foreign funds on Irish assets as affecting the human rights of tenants in Ireland.

This is a central bank class of investment where you can hold your irish assets tax free (natch - don't we all).

Some guy twittered about how wonderful the deals are, the wikipedia page was edited by "Corecontent" (who is linked to the IDA and edits the wiki page about their CEO). Corecontent got slapped on the wrist by wiki, being a hired hand. But the real story is that this QIAIF page was started and edited by a user "Britishfinance" who knows his stuff and is trusted by wiki as a source.

"Britishfinance" has also edited our ultra fave pages - "Corporate haven", "Ireland as a tax haven", Double Irish arrangement", "Leprechaun economics", "IDA Ireland", "IFSC" - even about section 110 companies.

Looked, we have a story to sell. It take reams of paper and computer time to process. Guys and gals get to meet and "transact business". This gives jobs to all sorts and keeps dublin afloat. Should wikipedia be blocked for suggesting we are no more than a ruthless tax haven sans palm trees?
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