The Youth of Europe are rebelling.


They call me a God
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Nov 2, 2015
About Damn time too, we all need to stand up to the destruction of Europe.

[font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]The Identitarian movement has its origins in France and today we have branches in Germany, Austria, the Netherland, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy - so we are an European movement.[/font]

1. As Identitiarians, we take a stand neither against Palestine nor Israel as we deem it irrelevant for our current struggle, which is enabling the preservation of the European identities.

2. We, as Identitarians, are ethnopluralists meaning we believe that, no matter how different people may be, they all are of equal value. Thus, we strongly oppose the notion of there being "superior" races or cultures and believe that every people and culture should have a place on earth where they can live in peace.

3. We are no "nationalists". We want to preserve our people and identity but as a logical consequence of point 2 we don't believe in there being inherently superior or inferior nations.

4. You are free to discuss in our comment section but we want you to keep it civil. We will delete any comments which advocate for any kind of violence, genocidal acts, supremacism or nationalism. Such comments not only clash with our beliefs, they are also harmful to us all.


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