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The Workers' Party


Deleted member 163

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Sep 30, 2017
Over the hills and far away
In fact, it was the Officials that started the blood letting by killing Óglach Charlie Hughes in March 1971.
The Official Republican Movement fought against and suffered at the hands of the reactionary Provo, Loyalist and British State murder gangs.

Get your facts straight Charlie.
The Officials were standing stoically, slack-jawed and with their dicks to the wind in '68 and '69 while Loyalists, B-Specials and the RUC ran riot in Catholic areas throughout the North.

The Provos are the spawn of Stickie inaction.

tard handler

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Nov 12, 2018
i find it ironic that a bunch of lefties with the word 'worker' in their title.
And yet they are such a good friend to the longterm unemployed.

give them all another hot water bottle and allow them to sign on for their dole through an app in their Nintendo Wii.
Playing Nintendo at least keeps them satiated. Better then forming street gangs and going on rampages because they've nothing better to do and want to take back what they feel is theirs. I came from a comfortable enough background but if I grew up in poverty, drugs and ignorance I'd be an urban terrorist today.
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