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Keith Woods The Trump Comeback is on

TW Tone

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May 5, 2019
Certainly looked like Two george Soros “ Fans “ did not want to Touch the George Soros Accusations.

Was One of them ( the blond Lady ) a Barack Obama Press Woman ~ ~ She was the most keen to shut down the George Soros Allegations = = Go Figure ! !

So has George Soros actually Infiltrated Fox News ? ? Fox News ? ?

If you take away Tucker Carlson, Fox is pretty standard deep state fare.
They're all warmongers except for TC..


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Jun 7, 2020
Norpoth was one of the few who predicted 2016 victory for Trump.

He forecasts 2020 landslide victory for Trump.

I cannot see Americans Voting for The Democrats that set Antifa / BLM Terrorists Loose on America ! !

I mean ~ ~ Would You ? ? Telling that there was huge lines voting ( In Person ) somewhere in America today in early Voting. They certainly did not look like Democrats i.e. People that Hate America ! !
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May 24, 2017
Democrat tactics in Pennsylvania...state supreme court made some kind of ruling about th winner not having to be called on Election nite..something about at least 3 more days to count..and also discrepancies in spelling on the mail-in shouldn't disqualify.
Levin was all over this and stated that the legislature in Penn. Could over-ride this hope they do.


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May 24, 2017
Right now it seems building for Trump, but don't want to get too confident
It's the mai-ins and late vote harvesting...I'm concerned bout

gerhard dengler

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Sep 6, 2018
Right now it seems building for Trump, but don't want to get too confident
It's the mai-ins and late vote harvesting...I'm concerned bout

I hear ye, Mike.
There is a few weeks to go to the election.

I remember telling the muppets on politics.ie that Trump would win 2016. The howls of derision from the likes of owedtojoy even now bring a smile to my face.

I think Trump will win 2020

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The next 50 days will be a massive shit show on a global scale. The ultimate battle will be of Biblical proportions. Rumours are eventually the internet and airways globally will be hijacked after a three day media and internet blackout an eight hour documentary will be broadcasted globally with the truth about the new world order and the globalists. The alternative is eventually a gradual global culling. According to an interview on Spanish raido "the next fifty days will be the worst in decades. There will be violence, false flag attacks, false news attacks, death, censorship of truth. All over the world lies will be reported about Trump, Patriots etc. They are fighting there last battle. There are however solutions to this situation presented by Trump and the alliance. This Alliance will take three actions.
1. Trump will enact the state of alarm law. 1807
2.Apply law 51 ( the military in US and stationed in certain locations globally enforce martial law.)
3. Three days of a blackout darkness may occur- no internet, mobiles, tv , electricity, water etc. in all the world .When it returns the department of the state of emergency in the USA will emitt a broadcast revealing in 8 hours transmissions repeated in three sets of 8 hours over 24 hours the truth.

In this broadcast leading figures globally will be exposed.
Until the day of the US elections things will be very complicated globally. These next 50 days will be very extreme and dangerous. This is a battle between patriots and the new world order" Hopefully the things this Spanish journalist has reported won't come to pass. Healthy greetings to everyone.
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