The storm over Senator Ilhan Omar's supposed "anti-Semitism" in the United States.


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Aug 2, 2017
Christian Land is pretty big too but i think we would object in Ireland if the argument was made that tomorrow we had to give up 90% of it to rastafarians and that this was ok because Christian land is so big.

The violations of human rights against the Palestinians occur in every area from abuses against personal property (theft) to torture, murder, denial of medical treatment, water rights, hunger, destruction of infrastructure, exile.

Though in Truth Jewish Land now encompasses North America and much of Europe, it is huge. So many dual citizens in Israel, tsk tsk



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Oct 30, 2015
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As for the some people did something quote I doubt she believes the official story on 9/11- the fact that "Yazmina" said she does is proof that she is not a conservative Sunni, the only Muslims who believe the official story are total assimilationist bourgeois Libtards, if someone wears a hijab you can safely bet they don't believe it. Also "Islamophobia" is socially acceptable in a way that other similar things are not, and from what I can gather even more so in the USA than here, I hate going to dinner parties but I know when I go to them if I was to open up against Jews, Black lads or homosexualists the way that some people at them open up against Muslims I would be committing a major "faux pas". I would stress though that I am not for rolling out PC further as it leads to dishonesty all around- my mission in life is not to make the likes of Myles like Muslims, but I do see the hypocrisy. Knowing what I know also about Sweden I would be also very concerned about Somali immigration into Ireland.
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