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Hot The Sinn Fein megathread


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Oct 30, 2015
Anglo's Brit friends were up to their bollix in this.
It was directly ordered by them and for them and only benefited them. It was a hit job. Both parties took part because both are owned by them. No benefit to America or the West and certainly no benefit for world peace.


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Sep 4, 2018
'Apparently', but inaccurately , is correct.:cool:
Do you not support loyalist terrorism and threats of terrorism? Mary Lou has moved on, you have not.
This is easily resolved, all you have to do is support democracy and condemn threats of loyalist violence, but for some strange reason you can't do that, I wonder why😵Just to clarify, if there is a border referendum and the result favours remaining in the UK, I condemn any threats of terrorism made beforehand or any carried out in the aftermath of the vote.
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