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The Mandela effect


PI Member
Jul 18, 2016
I was reading this thread thinking ok ill take a look, googled "The Mandela Effect", it came up with various different effects, this stuff is wacky.

I know for a fact the A Team van was black with a red stripe, I watched the show all the time, and now its turns out the van is black, grey with a red stripe.

BULL SHIT, it was always Black with a red stripe.



PI Member
Sep 21, 2019
Digging up this old thread because I came across this earlier today, a CEO of a company had actually claimed that his software is being affected by this claimed effect.

NECS clients of our food distribution ERP software have been reporting data on their reports and dashboards, which do not appear to be accurate. This causes NECS technical support to spend a large amount of time and resources helping clients determine if there is a problem such as a software bug, corrupted data, etc. However when the data is manually audited, including analyzing the SQL data tables, hardcopy invoices, etc., the data on reports and dashboards are proven to be accurate and correct. It becomes only the clients memory of what the figures should be as the cause of the problem.

These types of issues causes wasted time for both NECS technical support staff and our clients. In fact as much as 20% of our technical support resources are used to deal with these issues, so our bottom line is affected. NECS, Inc. believes that we are the first technology company to come out and express what may be happening. It is related to quantum physics and a phenomena that has been named “The Mandela Effect”. The purpose of this video is to explain what has been occurring utilizing the names / item descriptions of commonly known foodservice inventory. This will be more easily explained than using specific customer data, which would not be known by other NECS clients, or anyone else watching this video.

Company President Christopher Anatra, has also written a blog article explaining this. You can find it here: https://necs.com/blog-article.php?id=48
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