The Invasion of America

Jul 31, 2017
This lad was not going down!

This is why they use tazers on mass in america now, and has gotten out of hand because of it. The batons do nothing against a large full grown man with intent to do harm.

Anyone who has been in numerous fights, like i have, knows a bang to the head is, in general, the main thing you fear and the only thing that can bring someone down quickly in general, and you dont want to go to ground ever.

The head is the only place that a baton has any chance of taking down a mental case like that with any real certainty, at the same time they are trained not to aim for the head.
Baton - Law Enforcement |
What Parts of the Body can a Police Officer Target with a Baton (law enforcement)?

A police officer cannot target the head, chest, spine, or groin area unless the police officer needs to protect their own life. Hitting a person in these areas is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and even death in some cases. Police officers are often trained to target vulnerable nerves and large muscles.
They are fucked if they do etc...
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