Hot The Invasion and Plantation of Ireland

Jul 28, 2018
Meanwhile Vladkar the unelected abortion Taoiseach is all over Africa ?? can only mean pictures of him with loads of black faces in his next GE election leaflet in Blanchardstown so he can lie to the bogus asylum seekers as well as the natives (like his last GE leaflet which was full of LIES) while he gets messages of congrats from his family back in India

You could not make it up,,

Just for the LYING MEDIA,,, to break it down,,

An un-elected Indian GAY Taoiseach (didn't come out until he got in) is in AFRICA for a week ? during Brexit and a housing crisis/nurses strike/flu season etc, etc,

He waffles on about an ISIS terrorist scumbag with an Irish Passport getting "Irish diplomatic aid" instead of being stripped of the Irish passport ,
he then waffles on about "building bridges instead of Walls" and compares the wall in the West Bank to Trumps wall ?? what a fooking arseh0le ?

The sheer incompetence of this clown is only mirrored by the pathetic Irish far left media who NEVER challenge the terrible performance of this spinner government and their spin doctor bullsh1t,,

My conclusion is that Vladkar HATES Irish people/society and is doing EVERYTHING possible to undermine IRISH society before Joe Soap catches on to , by far,, THE WORST TAOISEACH IN THE HISTORY OF THE IRISH STATE

I would not believe one word out of his mouth, never has such an anti-Irish un-elected leader done so much damage to this Country,,
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