The Green Wave - rise of the greens in this years elections.


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May 25, 2016
The Green wave


Just where did this green wave come from?

Are we to now believe that the Irish who protested about Irish water up and down this country, refused to pay their bills on mass have suddenly swallowed all the bull shit about the environment and now voted green?

In the grand scheme of things it is a wasted vote, the greens may have a few councilors, maybe 1 or 2 MEPs, but overall they will be a small voice in a much larger pond, they will count for nothing.

However, what is strange and very peculiar is how the Fine Gael government and media are responding to this Green wave,
firstly the nickname Green Wave. Didn't take long for their term to be used by all the media and politicians.


Then we have people like Leo coming out suggesting how they will listen and force through greener policies.

Leo even goes as far as suggesting this is now a very clear message from the public!

Overall I don't for one minute think the result will be much better for the Greens that it was in 2014, maybe a few more points but that is it. Could easily be a safe protest vote than anything else. What worries me, more than anything else is how the government is using this to force through more changes. Its almost as if they knew the Greens would do well and they would use this to tax us more, screw with our lives more and all in the name of the environment using the elections as a reason why.



Oct 30, 2015
Go to 1.48 seconds...

"We spoke to Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications and the Minister charged with Climate Change. He told us earlier that a strong message had come out of the electorate in terms of giving those green votes. He said that message would be listened to and they have a Climate Action Plan coming in a number of weeks but really the message he was taking from it is he's using those green votes or the backing of the green message to perhaps drive govt policy"

I bet the IMF will be relieved now that Fine Gael have the cover they need to implement the IMF carbon tax agenda because after all, it's the will of the people...
"(The IMF) tells Government to step up its plans to meet climate change targets in agriculture, transport, and housing, through higher carbon taxes."…/imf-pushes-donohoe-for-acti…

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