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Dec 31, 2018
With Democrats you get a sense that you 'might' find someone in power who perhaps might be well if not 'fair' then at least not a maniac in the area of foreign policy, but every single Republican who ever occupies that role is going to serve Israel completely and also defence companies, oil and finance. He will 'cover' his allegiance to a foreign power by invoking the flag in speeches etc but his actions reveal him.

Bush made a huge contribution to the Israeli Yinon plan for the Middle East, in term 1 Trump has gone where no one has gone before with his zionism again and again, in term 2 he may attack Iran - he will attack someone in that part of the world.
Indeed, Trump has become yet another Neocon in a sea of GOP Neocons centred around Washington DC. It has to make you wonder if he was perhaps one along with the whole Draining the swamp rhetoric being nothing more than a ruse to win over an electorate which has increasingly had enough of establishment politics.
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