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The governments latest scam "minimum pricing" on alcohol to be introduced within weeks

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PI Member
Sep 12, 2018
The government loves the EU you think they would want to bring our alcohol prices in line with the "EU average".

We are already the 2nd most expensive country for alcohol in the EU.


Rick kit

PI Member
May 6, 2018
Rick that Wetherspoon connection has been commented on here before. Sounds dodgy alright.

They are always at this, I would bet they pay for the reports which tell us cheaper alcohol is more dangerous that ridiculously priced pub alcohol .

A Temple Bar Pub has claimed that their notorious €18 Pint of Guinness is the 'best in town' and well worth the price – it's also the most expensive pint in Europe. Joey Flynn, manager of the Auld Oscar Wilde pub in Dublin's Temple Bar area was adamant today in defending his pub's pricing policy
for 18 euro pint of guiness they can stick it where oscar used to get things stuck


PI Member
Nov 19, 2019
All alcoholics will devise ways of getting drink, if it means the kids go hungry then they will justify it to themselves somehow, that's the mindset.
Unfortunately very true. An addict will beg borrow and steal to feed their addiction irrespective of price. The main impact is on the average moderate drinker who likes a 6 pack of €1 or so cheap can in Dunnes etc. It is massively anti competitive as well as it will only be the main expensive brands that will be left in stock.

Bob Emmet Wolfe

PI Member
May 5, 2020
I have already by-passed the Publicans and Govt taxation, as a died in the wool entreprenauer.
I brew my own beer ,and have my own stills. where I produce high quality whisky, rum and vodka. I supply several Shebeens, where my product is received enthusiastically ,for quality and price.
As a side line I have been investigating the production of distilling medical CBD ,but the supply of the base product is a problem, with individuals I do not wish to associate with.
When Tyranny and despotism reign, one can starve the Beast by creating a free parallel society of self sufficiency. Of neccessity it must be secret and secure.
Self sufficiency beyond just alcohol production is the key.

Do a load of drunk people leave sheebans quietly in secret tunnels back to their homes? Or will they eventually reveal the location to the authorities?
Doesn't bother the guards to harass a few sober old people in a church, so its not a big deal to clamp down on sheebans.

Pre paid from patrons before entering is only way to go in a converted garage or spare room that happens to resemble a pub. A tab is at the spare room owners discretion.


PI Member
Sep 25, 2020
It is a bad idea putting up the price of drink and in some cases can drive young people to drug use as it’s cheaper way to get a fix.

Personally, I think alcohol sales should not be allowed in supermarkets ...thankfully, drink doesn’t bother me, I can take it or leave it, however, I do have family members that are and were alcoholics and I know first hand the suffering the abuse of drink causes.

Putting the price of drink up only punishes the victims and can mean a loss of a meal for children or worse...I have never seen a drunk with a conscience and when they do feel remorse when sober, it is always someone else’s fault.