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Blog The Fall of President Donald J Trump

trump-us-flag.md.jpg President Donald Trump's presidency can be summed up as follows,

He thought the law and the law won.

Well, the law being the corrupt deep state not only the deep state of the United States but the whole damn world, (if you believe in the conspiracy of the NWO!)

Right from the beginnings of Trump's presidency, the radical left backed by the Democrats were already calling for his impeachment, the hate for Trump was far greater than any hate ever seen before for a President taking up his oath of office, you have to ask yourself why?

Donald j Trump, son of Frederick and Marry Anne Trump was born in 1846, His father a property developer, and his mother a housewife, Donald went onto study and leave college with a degree in Economics. He went on to be a successful property tycoon and TV celebrity before running for the presidential race.

During a town hall interview in 2015, Donald Trump famously said, It’s not been easy for me” and recalled starting off in real estate with a “small” loan of $1 million from his father.

Trump went onto running a successful campaign for his Presidency by using the ideology of Making America Great Again, the idea being simple and one that resonated with many millions of Americans. Generally American was sick of wars, sick of the American Dream being liberalized and fed up with big businesses offloading American jobs to other countries in order to better their profits. Trump made it simple, he would drain the swamp of corrupt politicians and force US companies to bring their jobs back home to the United States.

In his 4 short years of President, Trump managed to put more black people into work than at any other time in US history, he had record employment levels for all Americans. He managed to see huge economic gains for the US, no more wars, and was creating security by enforcing US borders that not only deterred illegal immigration but also prevent a lot of drugs from crossing over from Mexico. US companies were bringing their jobs back to America and in all sense and purposes a very real feeling of American becoming "Great Again" was on the lips of all Trump supporters.

As a testament to President Trump, he managed to do all this whilst facing multiple witch hunts, impeachment, Russia investigations, and all sorts of disruption to his presidency.

Since taking office President Trump never once took a paycheck, he refused the $400,000 annual paycheck he would be entitled to throughout his 4-year term, a total of $1.6 million, something previously done according to Snopes.com by John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover, who both donated their entire presidential salaries to charity. The key point is that Donald Trump was not becoming President for personal gain but more out of a sense of duty and love for his country.

When Trump ran to become the Republican Presidential Candidate he was never taken seriously, nobody had really expected this Billionaire property tycoon/TV personality to seriously be the next president of the United States. It was only because of the political donations that Trump made to the GOP that afforded him a chance to run in the first place, however against the run of things and to the shock of many, especially those from the political establishment, Donald Trumps style, personality and charm resonated with many Republican supporters, and Trump not only became the Republican Presidential Candidate but the United States 45th President.

Trump was most likely not supposed to win the Presidential race, It was a shoo-in that Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the next President, the 1st woman to hold the office and a natural successor to Obama. Trump's win shocked them, not only democrats but many of those considered to the establishment was deeply shocked.

download.jpg Like most countries the United States is no different, modern countries across the west all claim to have Democracy. Democracy in the west is an illusion, the truth is you have in most cases two major political parties whose leaders are in many cases close friends of those from both political sides, they went to school with each other, oor perhaps their families are well known and have political dynasties. Donald Trump was not part of this elites club, he had not been groomed for office, he had not earned his place or had a right to what they considered the big prize. Donald J Trump was his own man with his own ideas, the moment he had a single unique thought the knives were out to stab him in the back from both sides.

Trump has battled on and managed to pull even more support and votes during his second election, unfortunately for him, he did not manage to win more support than Joe Biden who amazingly won more support than Obama, Hillary, and Trump and the number of elected voters. It is clear and obvious to anyone with a brain that election fraud happened, there are just so many irregularities that have been found that should have warranted a full and fair investigation.

Donald Trump after spending years of claiming Fake News and highlighting CNN as the masters of Fake News was now experiencing a fake election. An election that was so fake that we had numerous problems in various states ranging from more votes than voters, dead voters, dead voters registering to vote, ballots being counted twice, blank ballots being filled in, observers being refused entry to the count center, constitutional laws being illegally changed and many other irregularities that would not stand up in a court of law. Trump and his legal team tried and tried to have the local and federal courts hear his complaint but time and time again the courts simply refused to not even hear his case. No matter which court he tried in no legal routes were being opened for him to present his evidence. Even the Supreme court of which he had recently nominated 2 Supreme Court Judges refused 7/2 to refuse to hear the complaint by Texas which Trump supported. This was his own Republican-controlled Supreme Court system refusing to even hear what evidence the President had to present.

Trump was a man alone, the media had turned against him and refused to report or investigate his claims, enjoying more to tear down the man who had attacked them over the past 4 years, this was their opportunity to yet again push the knives further into his back. A free and fair press should have used their powers to look at the evidence presented, the claims that were being made, and only them inform the world if the claims are false.

What has happened is that Trump took on the swamp, the Deep State, the NWO. He refused to comply with the rules of closing down American for COVID, he refused to sign up to the climate lies, he refused to have American pay for NATO on their own, he made peace with Korea, he stoped the deals with Iran, he literally went against the plans of those in control. The same people who Kennedy tried to stop and ultimately sacrificed his life upon.

It is evident that Agenda 21, The Great Reset, COVID 19 are all part of the plans of the NWO, Trump stood in their way he had to be stopped. Assasinating the President would be risky and counterproductive, removing him at the end of his term was the cleanest and easiest way, but in order to do this, they would need to control the Congress and the Courts.

download-1.jpg When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last year the NWO panicked, they knew their plan could collapse without the backing of the Supreme Court, the Democrats claimed it was unconstitutional of the President to nominate a new Supreme Court Judge, in truth they could not afford for Trump to control the Supreme Court, the same Court that could decide the outcome of a stolen election and name who the really won. Whilst Trump thought he had secured a free and fair court system the Deep State had to have gone to work convincing, persuading the other supreme court justices who were not on their side to come quickly to their way of thinking.

Unbeknown to Trump he not only had lost the support of the Media, but he had also now lost the support of the Supreme Court despite the Republicans holding a majority.

is-1.jpg During the election campaign, tech giants like Facebook and Twitter made a big thing about not allowing any election chatter be allowed on their platforms. They even went as far as attacking the President after the election when he talked about a stolen election, Twitter and Facebook not only deleted some tweets they attacked every tweet with claims that the President was wrong. Google who is owned by Alphabet and own Youtube started to delete any videos that showed or claimed a stolen election. Was this the Tech Giants trying to do the right thing and promote a free and fair election? Or were there other motives at play?

During the election campaign, Millions of dollars from these tech Giants were donated to both campaigns, however, the amount donated carried with 80% of all Google donations going to the Democrat Party. A whopping $3.66 million went to the Joe Biden campaign. The tech giant also gave nearly $1 million to Bernie Sanders and $700,000 to Elizabeth Warren. Microsoft was also a major donor in the 2020 election season, Microsoft’s PACs and employees shelled out a total $17 million to presidential and congressional candidates through individual and PAC donations. Three-quarters of Microsoft’s funds went to Democrats, and 14 percent went to Republicans Amazon contributed $8.9 million through individual and PAC donors to federal candidates. While Democrats received the majority of the money, Amazon has one of the highest Republican funding rates among “Big Tech” donors, contributing $922,000, or 14 percent of total funds, to federal Republican candidates. Facebook Employees and PACs affiliated with Facebook donated a total of $6 million during the 2020 election cycle. More than 92 percent of the funds came from individuals. Mirroring Google’s and Microsoft’s partisan splits, Facebook spent nearly 80 percent of the funds on Democrats and only 10 percent on Republicans.
The Joe Biden campaign alone received $1.3 million from the social media giant, followed by Bernie Sanders, who received $249,000. The DNC received approximately $347,000, while the RNC, the top Republican beneficiary, also got $216,000. Apple employees and their family members contributed a total of $5.7 million in the 2020 election cycle. Nearly 80 percent of the money went to Democrats. And a paltry 4.3 percent went to Republicans. About a quarter of the funds ($1.4 million) went to Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders and the DNC trail as the second and third largest beneficiaries, receiving $389,000 and $295,000 respectively. Netflix employees and their family members contributed a total of $5.42 million during the 2020 election cycle. More than $3 million of the funds went to the Senate Majority PAC. Other top recipients included Tech for Campaigns ($425,000) and Joe Biden ($387,582) and DNC ($314,427). Netflix-related donors also gave $58,160 to Bernie Sanders and $42,129 to Elizabeth Warren. Twitter employees and their family members contributed $689,000 in the 2020 election cycle, mostly to Democrat presidential candidates. Aside from top recipient Joe Biden, who received $157,000, no other candidates received outsized donations. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders each received between $30,000 to $46,000. Big Tech and CEOs Poured Millions Into The Election. Here’s Who They Supported

It's evident to see that the tech giants had a vested interest in who won the Presidential race, there claims of not allowing discussion of the Presidential race on their platforms kept all political discussion out of public knowledge, a discussion that the media was refusing to discuss such as the Hunter Biden Laptops and the Biden syndicate crime group which are still currently being investigated and according to Sean Hannity on Fox News will be damning for President Biden. A cynic would think this will be a quick way to replace Biden with Kamela, but that is for another thread!

5ff72ba1d184b30018aad802.md.jpg It is claimed that Trump incited Violence, how many of you hear would be surprised to hear that Trump told his supporters to head down to Capitol Hill and peacefully protest? I guess many would just accept the lies of the left and the Democrats, Trump incited Violence. "he first casualty of war is truth", Trump is at war, he is at war with all that is wrong not just in United States Politics but in world politics. He is battling the forces of Evil and trying to deliver A great America, America we all watched as Children and seen as a shining beacon of truth, faith, and liberty. A country that we would love to live in and raise a family, a country that enshrines the American Dream into each and every child, a true patriotic movement of patriots. That America has been absent for decades, destroyed by the warmongering deeply divided nation that America became. Those people at the Capitol that day were not terrorists as they are now labeled. They are patriots fighting for America they once knew. Should they have entered the capitol building, no, sadly we don't even know if the storming of the Capitol Building was led by insurgents who wanted to place all blame on Trump and the MAGA movement. Whatever really happened that day it did not result in a good day for Trump. His plan was to have Republicans inside the building to raise their complaint to the floor regarding a stolen election. Outside a Million, Trump supporters would be heard and the hope was that some inside would hear those voices and do the right thing. Postpone the Vote for 10 days whilst a fair and honest inquiry into election fraud was held. Instead, we had people enter the building and force a stop not only to the vote but force a change of heart of many of those who supported Trump to withdraw their complaint and vote for Biden as President. The only winner that day was Joe Biden and those who supported him.

For those of you who have not heard the speech by Trump that day I have added it below, for those of you who want to hear him say, "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your votes heard today." go to 16.30.

Screenshot.md.png Ever since that ill-fated day in the Capital, Trump has gone very quiet. He was unseen for 6 straight days and only resurfaced yesterday 12/1/21 to visit a border wall. He gave a speech that sounded deflated, void of claims of a stolen election, no mention of remaining in the white house and refusing to concede. What really happened those days and hours after the Capitol riots? We may never know, but it's unlikely Trump just gave up. He still had the Military at his disposal, he still had the insurrection Act that he could enforce. He knew what he had said and he knew the media and tech giants were spinning their lies. Trump was de-platformed all over for the lies of him inciting a violent riot.

Does Trump have one last card to play, has he resigned to losing the election, or has he been silenced by those he dared take on?

As of now, he is a man without a country, everyone is going after him and everyone who stands with him. Banned on all social media, his golf courses losing out on PGA tours, even the City of New York canceling Trump Contracts. All based on lies.

They seem desperate to hit Trump hard, could it be because he still has all that evidence he claims he has? No media outlet will give him the chance or opportunity to air this evidence, Even the rush to impeach him despite him only having days left. Either they like to kick a dog when it's down or they are scared Trump can and may release information or do something else.

Meanwhile, remember those Tech Firms?

Bidens Team includes :
* Apple’s top lobbyist was a chief adviser to the Biden transition team.

* A former Facebook executive will serve as staff director in the Biden White House

* A former Twitter executive will serve as chief spokesperson for the National Security Council under Biden.

* Current and former executives at those firms and two others, Google and Amazon, fill out other positions in the incoming Biden administration, or his transition team.
ErYNL-qW4AEW5P3.md.jpg In just over 7 days Biden will become President of the United States, no members of the public will be permitted to attend what is being billed a Virtual inauguration. Only a selected number of attendees will be present to see the 46th President of the United States takes office, yet despite this, there are currently over 10,000 National Guards deployed to the Capitol to protect it, from terrorists like these to the left.


President Donald J Trump thought the law, and it seems the law won.

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PI Member
May 7, 2018
getting worse by the day too. Something is amiss here, the Democrats and the left won, why can't they take their victory and piss off planing on how best to destroy what's left of America? Why do they keep going after Trump and those on the right?
It's like a reverse of McCarthyism on steroids.
It's an American cultural glitch.
Self-righteous fury unleashed!


PI Member
Sep 21, 2019
Trump may be gone, but the angry right is still alive and well in the US.

If the establishment make a martyr of Trump , they may live to rue the day. As we saw in Dublin 1916, martyrs cast a long shadow.
Right now the agenda seems to be to demoralize and stigmatize all those on the right and in particular those who support MAGA.


PI Member
Nov 23, 2016
20k armed troops against the citizens for a "safe transfer..."

Safe against what?

People that actually believe the capital is not secure already are ignorant.

This is a show of force used for wars. Not transitions of the executive branch.

If people are so brainwashed to consider this a 'new normal' in the USA.. then line up for the camps already. Here comes your military state.


PI Member
Aug 2, 2017
As Trump approached the wall yesterday, the song playing was 'Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting'.... :D

gerhard dengler

PI Member
Sep 6, 2018
Great OP.

My considered view is that Trump was an anti establishment candidate.

He is anti the Republican party and virulently anti democratic party. His opposition to the DNC is a given but I think one legacy he leaves is how little real support there is within the Republican party.


PI Member
Feb 14, 2018
The interesting thing about Trump is that he was not cut in to the culture of the backroom clubs of power in Washington as much as most of them were, he was an outsider in that sense and that would mean he would not execute the program of those clubs to the letter (as Obama did), therefore naturally they always wanted to get rid of him.

He soiled his presidency with his extreme pro Israel positions, i think that was in part (and only in part because his family now includes Kosher Nostra members) to keep the clubs off his back. In the end he failed to fully understand and therefore contend with the snakepit that is US politics, these people are moral cretins and the next Presidency will i believe be the most criminal in history looking at the liberal imperialist and neocon elements in it and how they got this Presidency.
His father before him also backed Israel with money laundering chairties and such. Similar to what Arnold Schwarzenegger did. To get in within the inner circle despite the German heritage. It worked for those two but not Donald.
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