The European Union of Bankers, Bombers & Bankers that want to Bomb You!

Dublin 4

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Nov 21, 2015
The "No Brainer" Remainers

Anti British Terror Chief Gerry "Ducktweets" Adams & Barak "Lame Duck" Obomber

With "friends" like like that- who needs Enemies?

Finance Minister Michael Noonan: Former ECB boss Jean Claude Trichet warned a 'bomb will go off in Dublin' if investors were burned

ECB forcing Ireland to pay the bondholders was like a hostage situation

Jean Claude Drunker throttles the life out of Spain
to the bemusement of Lehmans Stooge & Economy Minister Luis de Guindos

In the context of all this Garbage about "Solidarity", inter alia, the Remain Cartel must now clarify;-

1. Do they condemn the fraternity of Barak Obomber & Ducktweets Adams?

2. Have they ascertained what Action was taken against Trichet by the ECB?

3. Will they condemn the ECB if no Action was Taken?

4. Have they asked Trichet what was meant when he referred to "a Bombing in Dublin"?

5. Will they repudiate Trichet's egregious outburst?

More Threads to come regarding the Scandal that is the Goldman Sachs/European Union Vulture Fund
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