THE EU Border and Coast guard have arrived!


Oct 30, 2015

Remind me again, what is a sovereign nation?
Jul 31, 2017
Slippery slopes. Consolidation of power and allowing more of your state to be subsumed by the federal eu empire, makes it harder and harder to get out from under them. The more you have to recreate or restructure after leaving, the less will and knowledge/experience over time there is in the state to do so, even if the people decide they want to leave. Similar the more people being funded by the EU through each nation paying in, the more people will be flying the EU flag and not their own.

Power and the push for wind as another example, as its not very useful if you cannot give the energy to someone that needs it at that point in time, a way of offsetting its intermittence issues. If nations become overly dependent on the interconnections within the grid for power, and even dependent on africa, your losing more and more of your independence which will be harder and harder to get back.
To achieve its climate and energy goals, Europe needs to improve cross-border electricity interconnections. Connecting Europe's electricity systems will allow the EU to boost its security of electricity supply and to integrate more renewables into energy markets.

When a power plant fails or during extreme weather conditions, EU countries need to be able to rely on their neighbours to import the electricity they need. Without infrastructure it is impossible to buy and sell electricity across borders. Connecting isolated electricity systems is therefore essential for security of supply.

Reliable connections with neighbouring countries also lower the risk of electricity blackouts, reduce the need to build new power plants, and make it easier to manage variable renewable power sources like solar and wind. For example, surplus renewable energy produced in one country could be used in another country where demand for electricity is high, via new interconnections.
Create a problem by forcing the nations to add lots of intermittent energy into their grids, provide the solution to the problem of increased interconnectivity and dependence on it by each nation and to the wider Europe super grid. The border issues wouldn't be issues if nations we allowed to do what they wish at their borders, the EU bureaucracy is promoting solutions that suit them to problems they helped create.

  • allow for wider use of renewable energy, particularly wind energy, from the concept that "it is always windy somewhere" – in particular it tends to be windy in the summer in North Africa, and windy in the winter in Europe;
A report by Pöyry stated that a super grid would only partially reduce the problems from intermittent renewable energy production. While it found that spreading renewables across Europe produced a smoothing effect, large scale weather patterns would impact many European countries at similar times. This still results in large highs and lows of energy output. However this report does not consider the super grid covering the much larger area as the Czisch study, which would further smooth energy output to some extent. [15][16]

The Field Marshal

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Oct 2, 2018
Will they operate in the Irish Sea?🚣‍♂️🏄‍♂️
It devolves down to power of search and arrest.
As I understand the law in all normal situations only Gardai and Irish customs have power to search on foot of reasonable suspicion.
These powers are only enforceable within the jurisdictional area of the 26 counties.
The Irish Sea is international territory and no one nation has jurisdiction.

I can’t see powers of arrest etc being granted to non Irish law enforcement officials due to an absence of continuity in the chain of constitutional jurisdictional authority.

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Sep 17, 2019
Taxpayer funded TG4 rolling out Pro-EU advertisements.
the Regime must feel We need more brainwashing. Keeping fighting the enemy of the Irish Nation.
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