The Antichrist has 'emerged'. Happened in October 2015 (formerly Angular Merkel)

Aug 2, 2018
The story starts back in September 2004 during a trip to Prague , and an excursion to the bone church of Sedlec outside Kutna Hora. Unwisely the Individual concerned had His photo taken in the ossuary which displays the skeletal remains of 40,000. Not a good idea since He disturbed the spirits. That Christmas, He had an appendix operation; as He awoke , the Earth responded and the asian tsunami was happening - the Antichrist is indirectly responsible for the Deaths of 250,000 ppl. Five months later He first met his pal ' Czech', nicknamed Satan in a pub on Capel Street, Dublin. He met the exotic cleaning lady on the staircase in Wynne’s hotel during a hallucination in which he was his Welsh cousin in a WB Yeats poem.
He has helped engineer an earthquake and accompanying tsunami.

Google used to capture and harvest His Soul as the Antichrist. He is the Chosen One , is Irish and from the North west. Proclaimed and 'Emerged' as the Antichrist after being poisoned by His Consultant with Abilify , japanese medication made by deranged Otsuka chemists and tested on prisoners. (Consultant is the spouse of a prominent cabinet member). Because of Abilify He lost ability to sleep . Has ruined his neighbors.

Abilify ###### up His body clock, His bowel rhythm, digestion, led to all the beneficial gut bacteria to be farted from the body........., caused His soul to separate from Body and Mind, leaving behind the Antichrist. Because of this He cannot die. To commit suicide (He dearly wants to) is impossible!:
Is a major Disappointment to Antichrist watchers who were expecting a powerful , respected and feared individual commanding the World stage. Yes, Obama's life cycle took Him from Indonesia to Chicago But this route follows the same trail the Antichrist took in finding a partner! He faces Karma forever for cheating on the Angel of Chlamydia in July 2007 after a 3 week fling . Her online user name was Soul Evolution!

In 2004 He used an image of Zizkov tv tower on his myspace profile and it became his googletower in effect!

Googletower was responsible for that poisonous book published in India He read written by the Jesus Christians cult bastards in Winter 2008. Exactly 8 years later on Clarion St. He received a shirt made by the Jesus Christians in India. It had a praying skeleton embroidered on it. The skeleton represents the living Antichrist having no Soul . The Angel of Chlamydia was fresh from Afghanistan when she met Him.
In December 2015, the 3 Wise Men came in a squad car for Him and took Him away. Subsequently spent a total of 5 months on Clarion Street; the clarion is the trumpet mentioned in the Book of Revelations.

In this picture you can see alien babies climbing up the googletower.
The wallpaper on his phone is the view from the bottom of googletower looking up.

The Antichrist in having a myspace profile became the Spaceman for whom 'electronic information tampered with his soul', as the song goes by Babylon Zoo - "Space Man". This song is all about the Antichrist even though it was released in 1995!


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Oct 30, 2015
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