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TELL THEM YOU ARE IRELAND AND IRELAND HAS AWOKEN - #DirectPlantation Meetings - Their Tactics and How to Voice Opposition

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Jun 23, 2017
This article contains 2 parts:
Apologies about matching videos. Youtube keeps deleting videos with anything to do with exposing mass-immigration.

The first part shows the meek and servile responses of an emotionally manipulated/blackmailed, guilt-tripped, threatened, bullied oppressed Irish people to a hostile Irish puppet globalist government regime intent on implementing African, M.Eastern and South West Asian plantations in Ireland - a de facto invasion and colonisation of our home.
This article highlights the typical deliberate mischaracterisation by authorities and media of mass-immigration as being a "refugee-crisis" narrative, & the deflection red-herring issues about #DirectPlantation brought up at meetings, and how this false-narrative is imposed, foisted on the public.
It is a tactic to deftly smother, stifle and deflect the public's focussed anger, to get them off-track to allow the destructive demographic engineering program of Ireland continue unopposed.

The second part shows how our people should respond to such tyranny. It aims to guide and instruct our people how to find their voice - it explains how to deal with the emotional blackmailing 'refugee-crisis' narrative - how to address and express opposition to it.
(Well done to Nationalist ConanMac (yt) for this reporting/recording of events in Moville last night.)


Part 1. A bullied, threatened, emotionally blackmailed, multicult brainwashed and oppressed people's response to invasion and colonisation.

Nationalist ConanMac reporting on the Moville #DirectPlantation meeting with the sell-out #OpenBorderExtremists Reception and Integration Agency. (RIA) 5 short videos of the meeting.

Video 1:
RIA representative Mr. Banks sets the tone of guilt and shame, his attitude toward the "peasants" is veiled arrogance, condescending, dictatorial.
Banks primes the audience with an emotional blackmailing, guilt-tripping backdrop, it is not done to inform, it is done to prep and prime the Irish minds for acceptance of the #MulticultRegime immigration plantation policy, to cast them as bad people if they oppose, to guilt and shame them. Banks lays down the propaganda about globalism, about so-called humanitarian crises forcing poor, poor souls to move, and why we have to help them. This is a disinformation tactic to seed and cement into the local's minds, that here is redepemtion from their "mundane unworthy existence", that instead they are on an important moral mission, players on the world stage, involved in higher level events, a potential for higher elevated status and esteem - any opposition is supposed to make them feel shame, worse - that they are monsters about to shove people into ovens.
Decades of that propaganda - results in the meek response of a nation, you can hear at the meeting. #ImmigrationInvasion


Video 2:
The following responses are the result of decades of multicult propaganda and brainwashing on a nation, of emotional blackmailing and guilt-tripping - affecting men, women and children alike.

"For vast majority of people here, it's not an issue of racism"
"The issue with the people arriving, it's not to do with them - it's to do with the system their being introduced to"
"Serious questions have to be asked here..... ......who is the private company involved in this"
"Who carried out the review..... .....there's serious, serious issues, when it comes to the provision of services.. (for us or them)
"So its not about not wanting to look after people.. we've dealt with people in the past.. ...there have been families who have come here and been dealt with properly
...so who is this company and is it commission based.. ....a money-making operation based on the suffering of these people.... ...as opposed to the interests of these people"

While it is valid to focus on the Irish invasion-facilitators and their money making racket, thereby cutting off the supply at source, that sentiment is undone when stating this: ....is it a money-making operation based on the suffering of these people.... ...as opposed to the interests of these people" - this signals, we agree with your invasion and colonisation, please just do it a little differently.

The responses signal a submissive agreement to being invaded and colonised. Repeatedly prefacing and insisting they are not bad people - it tells the invasion-regime that they accept the regime and all their policies are right. It signals that we the "peasants" are only capable of timidly asking - 'but plz master can you do the invasion a different way - perhaps spread it out more'
This servility and meekness encourages bullies, it encourages the Open-Border Extremists to ramp it up more.
They see that you will take anything, take their shit, their abuse, will submit to their will, which is - changing the skin colour of Ireland, to feel cosmopolitan, create cheap labour, and to these ends planting economic immigrants, scamming chancers into Ireland.
Whether you will take their abuse is the only thing the govt wants to know, they are taking the temp, the mood of the people, asking if there is massive push-back to this. As long as the Irish are whimpering with little gripes about resources, services, facilities and the seeming strident but actually harmless comments about, 'demanding' who is getting paid, what RIA support is available....

....then the govt. don't give a shit and are happy out - they have just been given the green light to continue the abuse and hold open the gates.
They know their litmus test meeting to test the mood of the people has passed, their plantation of Moville, Wicklow, Rooskey, of Ireland - is a go.

Video 3: #DirectPlantation
Finally a woman offers first crumb of more solid opposition:
"There's too many coming"

Video 4: #DirectPlantation
local1: "By no means am I eh..sectarian or racist...or anything like that "
Local2: something about asking if they could come in batches ".....in order to build up services to accommodate them all"
Again this is servility-signalling, you are signalling you are lower to the govt, you accept their tyranny. You are showing deference to tyrants.
Tyrants take your deference and make you pay a 100-fold more....with interest. This is what govt. are delighted to hear. Small non-issue, skirt-around mumbling gripes.
People must be assertive, must seek justice, state their fundamental human rights, state/declare immigration crime+costs
Do not repeatedly bow and acknowledge govt as your master by skirting the real issues and focussing only on not having enough resources
Ppl are signalling they will take govt abuse - that they accept invasion and are just meekly asking if invasion can be done nicer

Video 5: #DirectPlantation
More complaints abt resources & not being informed. More requests for spreading the invasion out - not one solid opposition to immigration point.
This is exactly what the gov want to hear - acceptance... with only minor gripes abt "resources", about not being told and spreading the invasion and colony out. Again this signals, Irish acceptance of Open-Borders policy and will meekly take whatever shit and abuse you want to hand out.

Video 6: #DirectPlantation
An exchange between local and RIA:
RIA: "Right now today, we got people (foreigners) arriving into Ireland looking for accommodation"
local: "That's not the issue....It's not an issue of people arriving, it's not an issue of that whatsoever
The issue is...who is the company, who carried out the review, is it a money-making organisation or is it for the welfare of the people"

Again it is valid to focus on the Irish invasion-facilitators and their money-making racket, thereby cutting off the supply at source, however that sentiment is undone when stating this: "That's not the issue....It's not an issue of people arriving, it's not an issue of that whatsoever
The issue is...who is the company, who carried out the review, is it a money-making organisation or is it for the welfare of the people"

This is more deferential acceptance-signalling.
Tells #MulticultRegime 'we agree with your invasion and colonisation, just please do it a little differently.'
The Irish will take it, there'll be a few gripes, but we have them, they'll take all the abuse we dish out to them.


Part 2: Tell them you are Ireland and Ireland has awoken

Ireland, you are going to have to speak up for yourself. If you want this land, this territory and resources that your West European Irish ancestors and indeed you yourselves all your lives have fought and struggled for with your blood, sweat, tears. The graft and toil for your families, your friends, for yourself - you my Irish kith and kin, my Irish blood - are going to have to speak up and say what you want. You are going to have to claim the country of your Irish ancestors.
The Open-Border multicult media luvees, politicians, business class, are all telling you, you do not own this land or anything in it.
If you do not claim this land, firmly, outrightly, blatantly, resolutely......then others will....and are.

At the very least Ireland - You are going to have to speak about what is right, what is fact, what is reality.
You are going to have to speak about the facts of mass-immigration. You are going to have to tell these people you are against this scam policy.
You are going to have to state and declare proudly and stridently:
This is our home, the home of the Irish and it is our fundamental human right to keep it that way.

When these civil servant invasion agents, start their opening spiel, dictating to you, emotionally blackmailing and guilttripping you why you are to accept globalism, why mass-immigration exists and that you are to accept invasion and colonisation
- then that right there, is the starting point of your opposition. You call them out.
Firstly you tell there spiel is a lie, you tell them what they are doing, that they are emotionally blackmailing and guilt-tripping the Irish people, you tell them to cease and that we will not take that emotional manipulation anymore.
- It starts with your voice saying NO in such public meetings and rejecting that very first opening falsehood and setting of the scene, they sell you and force on you.

Controlled Aggression/Passion or Calculated Reserve vs Wild Aggression
After they are done forcing that propaganda down your throat - you say no, it is wrong, what they are stating is factually incorrect, it is lies.
You do this with controlled aggression, always in control of yourself, knowing the facts about immigration, the fake refugee crisis, the fake refugees, the crimes, the murders, rapes, the NGO coaching, impacts on Ireland, housing crisis etc.
You do your homework, you know all these facts and stats. You have it prepared, you put it in bullet points on paper in front of you.
You deliver those facts either with controlled aggression and passion, or with reserve and calm.
Controlled Agression - You can show anger and rage whilst being in full control of how you express yourself and your reactions to the enemy.
You stay in control, you do not lash out, you do not lose control of your thoughts and words, becoming incapable of firing back torpedos of truth.
You want to inspire people by showing people either powerful anger, or flairish passion or calculated calm/reserve.
You want to skilfully counter their lies, with facts. You want to take dismantle their lies, disembowel their propaganda, destroy their agenda - all while being seen to be either, powerfully angry, elegantly passionate or calculatingly calm/cool and in total control of yourself whilst displaying any one of these moods. You are then in a position to drop truth bombs into the public gatherings.

Lose control, become a wild dog, flail about and you are easily sniped, picked off and defeated by the Multicult govt and their lackey councillors. And you will look like an idiot or a nutter and your golden opportunity to plant truth into the public consciousness and red-pill is not only gone, but backfires and over the longer term will help to work against the anti-invasion cause.
Remember all these ripples work themselves out, have fallout, over the longer term. When you think you have scored a little victory in a public hall, the real win, is how it plays out over time. After an event, when things have settled down, the wild lash-out usually causes people to not to want to associate with anyone or their cause in the mid to longer term. Don't be the wild dog, be the clever wolf.
Again back up your public opposition and exposing them as liars, with the truth and facts about mass-immigration, the fake-refugee crisis, the crimes on the continent, the 1000 rapes in Germany in Cologne in New Year's Eve, the unelected EU telling us what to do, their agenda, Marrakesh and Barcelona declarations. etc. Facts, stats, factual properly researched sources, links and case examples, do your homework, know your stuff.

The By-Pass of Core issues - The Acceptance Shunt down to Mickey Mouseville
Do not let them shunt and sidetrack you past the central core, bottomline issues, some of which are:
Mass-immigration population change engineering programme, Scam Refugee Crisis, THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES, bogus Asylum Seekers and system, THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES, are #EconomicImmigrants, #EconomicChancers, NGO coaching, asylum seekers going home for holidays,
Irish losing out: queue jumping/prioritising for council houses, hospital, school, university places, crimes of immigrants on the continent, murders, rapes of women and elderly, restriction of freedom for women, no-go zones, financial impact on the Irish, #ResourceCompetition, less resources for the Irish. Do not use the word MIGRATION and MIGRANT, they changed it from the word from IMMIGRATION and IMMIGRANT.
It was changed because it is less-threatening, like birds naturally moving along with seasons. It is meant to convey that mass-movement of people is natural and that it is not threatening, that somehow it is temporary, are not staying, but that Ireland is naturally the world's home. Immigration suggests a permanent change from foreign peoples imposing themselves into your home. It was changed to prep you into accepting the UN "migration" pact, which will see infinity-immigrants into your home.
They are economic-immigrants, chancers, opportunists, not economic-migrants.

Before you know it, they will have directed you into talking details of the immigrants accommodation, and mumblings about RIA not giving enough support, which means you have already been shunted past opposition to invasion & colonisation and are in the agreement zone, agreeing to their right to be here. You have just been placed neatly into the friend-zone where you have just allowed yourself to be defaulted into acceptance of their invasion policy and relegated to talking safe surrender-topics, de facto approving of their #DirectPlantation and colonisation projects, you are now merely reduced to arguing the toss, in the Mickey Mouse, invasion-as-planned zone. They've already moved you on from the real issues listed above, and you will see their tone/vibe of relief, and barely concealed smugness and contempt, to be talking and dealing in those surrender-topics below rather than the real issues above. Don't get shunted down here, stick with the issues above.

Do not let them by-pass all those real issues for the mickey-mouse #MulticultRegime favourites of:
RIA support, whose managing what, what Ministers should be down here talking to us, who's being paid, which company is involved, who agreed the deal, what about doctors and English teachers.
Making you use their labels and words such as: refugees, asylum seekers - refute that immediately when you have a say.
The sidetracking small peanuts issue of: Who is getting paid, how much are they being paid, what about local resources. The loser lines of - I have no problem with people arriving, but can you do it nicer. Or, I am in no way racist, but is the company profiteering out of these immigrants, instead of serving their interests. The interests of "immigrants", many who are military aged men, chancers, opportunists, criminals.

Wars and Crises every year before Mass-immigration - why the flood into Ireland now?
There were wars, famine etc every year for decades before mass-immigration, we never opened our borders before, and refugees were looked after, sorted out in countries nearer to their own. We helped, we sent people and money, we took a handful in. We never took in more than a couple of hundred program refugees, and that, only every once in a while when large conflict erupted. It was more sustainable both to us and to those in need, to manage crisis that way, in order that we could help ourselves, and in so doing, we could also continue to help others. Mass-immigration will sink the lifeboat and kill the goose that laid the golden egg. There will be no more help to the third world, once we become the third world.

Emotional Blackmail - The Céad Míle Fáilte Deception
We never allowed ourselves to be taken as fools, to be fooled, to be emotionally blackmailed, guilt-tripped into a contrived social engineering program dressed up as humanitarianism that changes the very fabric of the native ethnicity and culture of this country.
We were never an 'Ireland of the Welcomes' to nation-wrecking. Generation after generation for 1000s of years, our ancestors took up arms, spilled blood, shed blood, to resist invasion. We welcomed some guests heartily and generously, most of whom we knew were going home, and we only ever let a tiny handful of certain guests stay who might have been truly in need of our fostering, we helped others in their own native lands, the most sustainable way to help any group of people.
Mass influx of peoples was always resisted. We always had the right to bear sword, spear and shield to violently defend ourselves and resist mass influx of peoples....it's called invasion.
Ireland was not, as the Multicult Regime propagandises, always an immigration nation, it was a resist-invasion, resist mass-influx of people, nation. There was no welcome mat for invaders, we were not doormats for foreigners trying to scam us by charm, scam or fake friends, stealth invasion as mass-immigration is, there was never a Céad Míle Fáilte Ireland free-for-all.
There was sword and spear and axe, always at the ready, and any treacherous prick in our ranks who called us racist or wrong for protecting our tribe, our territory and who let open the gates to our home to a rapacious plundering host - was gutted, beheaded and thrown over the fucking barricade. His soul cursed for a 1000 generations.

Mass-immigration is a scam, the refugee crisis is fake, and we are being taken for a ride.
They will play the racist card - accuse you of being a "racist". You do not have to explain yourself to that con-word.
Ask them what do you mean by "racist"? Press for an answer to what they mean.
Respond by stating:
It is a Fundamental Human Right for Ethnic peoples of the World to exclusively exist and to protect their ethnicity and exclusive territory and resources.
Ask them, do you deny people their Fundamental Human Right?
We, the Irish, have the Fundamental Human Right to protect our Irish Ethnicity and our exclusive territory and resources. To protect our people, our children, our ancestral history, our territory, our future, and the resources of this Island and seas, which our ancestors died to hand down to us and to us alone. Then tell them any of the facts, stats about mass-immigration, refugees, direct plantation etc. Do your homework, know your stuff.

We Owe the World Nothing
We have given €billions to the World for decades, we have given them millions in man-hours of volunteer work in engineering, medical, educational, construction and infrastructural work, projects and aid.

We have continued for the last 20yrs to give them from €640million and since 2017, €750 million a yr in foreign aid - while opportunity is denied our own people, while our own suffer and die, many atrociously and while many of our Irish people live in misery and mind-bending stress, in abject poverty or homeless. And for all this, for wanting to protect our people whilst also helping out the world, we are thanked by being called "racist" and evil.


The EU: Highly Dangerous Criminal Nation-wrecking Dictats
Speak up about the Barcelona and Marrakesh declarations. [1]
Speak up about undemocratic tyrannic decisions being made by a privileged unelected few fat-cat EU politicians in concert with big business sending their Irish gombeen lackeys to force us into compliance

Fake Refugee Crisis - A Scam - Syria and NGO's Caught Coaching
As an example of how mass-immigration is a scam talk about how Syria was presented as the by-word for the fake refugee crisis yet they flooded in from everywhere while the catch-phrase in the Multicult propaganda media was always Syria. Syria is no longer a warzone, Syrians are going home, are the Syrians we took in, going home? No, it is all a scam. The whole refugee crisis is a scam contrivance foisted on the Irish people.
Ask why are Nigerians coming here, they can be facilitated in other parts of Nigeria, it is a massive country.
Ask why are Pakistanis coming here? What are they fleeing? they will tell you that they are Christians fleeing persecution.
Question these people who presume to be over you, above you. Question them - they are supposed to serve you, yet they act as your master.

Speak about the NGO's being caught coaching immigrants to give fake stories [2] - Pakistanis for example will be told to say they are Christians fleeing persection, they are not, they are Muslims, adding numbers to an increasing hostile Muslim colony in Ireland that seeks conquest.
Tell them that real a Christian Pakistani woman cannot get asylum in UK because of threat from the Muslims colony already allowed form in UK
Source the facts, know your stuff and throw it back at them with strength, with defiance and with anger.

Speak about the nature of immigration and refugees - cite facts, stats and source - showing most of immigrants and asylum seekers are not refugees, are bogus, talk about how 99.6% of them are economic immigrants. [3]

Tell them that the world has heard Ireland is up for grabs, that the Irish have been kowed and bullied to keep their heads down to accept their birthright being taken from them, being offered up to the whole world, tell them that we have been made a soft touch for fake-refugees and con artists and Irish profiteers
Tell them the effects of immigration on the continent and in UK, it's crime, it's costs, it's impact on the Irish and our diminished access to our own resources especially for our kids, our sick and our elderly
Tell them it is a dangerous policy, a new source of crime, imported crime - the murders, the rapes committed due to it - tell them these violent crimes are different because they are 100% preventable, there would not have been 1 Irish victim had this dangerous invasive policy not been implemented.

Supporters of Open-Border Policies Guilty of Treason - Criminal Penalty - Life or Death Penalty
Start letting them hear about the crime of Treason, start speaking that word, shouting it, start letting them know they are guilty of violating Irish sovereignty, of reckless endangerment, of putting hardship on the Irish people, putting us in danger, causing suffering hardship and death.
Their policies have allowed, have imported, a new source of violent crimes, murders, rapes that are all 100% preventable unlike native Irish crimes, because had we no mass-immigration policy, none of these crimes would have been committed.
Their policies have increased death and suffering of the Irish, who must now bear the burden of the massive costs of the refugee and asylum system on their backs while they wage-slave and grind themselves into an early grave and stressed out living.
Their policies have increased the death and suffering of the Irish who now have less money to spend on themselves and less money and resources from the state to pay for hospitals, healthcare. Less spaces and places in schools, universities.
Less housing, less accommodation - our resources are being opened up to the whole world, and they are coming here to claim, to plunder our Irish resources.
Let them know they are guilty of crimes against humanity, guilty of perpetuating the crime of ethnocide through mass-immigration population replacement, demographic ethnicity manipulation-engineering. [4]
Let them know they are directly responsible and the people will seek their arrest and charge them with treason, and if guilty will press for life meaning life or the death penalty.

Let them know the Irish have awoken, let them know they cannot act with impunity against the interests of the Irish people.
Give them notice of their criminal activity and we the people are judge, jury and executioner - this is what sovereignty means.
And we mean to take it back. Say all this.

Instead of stating you've nothing against people arriving here,
instead of prefacing in a submissive manner that you're not racist
instead of showing deference to these Open-Border regime scum,
instead of meekly, timidly signalling your servility to them
instead of accepting their authority and your slave peasant status....
....that invasion is not a problem at all for you - you merely wish to utter a little bit about "resources, facilities, services" & who is paid what, a criticise a money-making racket that does not care about invaders, or about spreading out the invasion and colonisation.

That is what these arrogant scum who see you as dirt, who have complete contempt for you.....the little unimportant common peasants, want to hear. They are delighted, smug when they see you come out with all that, side-issue, crumbs gripe, to have their fears of determined fierce oppostion allayed and another town of Irish people can be easily walked all over. It is music to their ears

Such talk is the green light they come to these meetings to test for.
Don't give them the green light - tell them you oppose them and everything they stand for.

Tell them you are Ireland and Ireland has awoken.


1. https://ec.europa.eu/research/iscp/pdf/policy/barcelona_declaration.pdf
The Barcelona Declaration - Euro Mediterranean - EU's dirty secret

2. UNDERCOVER: NGOs teaching migrants to lie

The International Financing of Engineered Migration

3. 99.6% of asylum appeals from 'chancers telling lies' rejected by Judge Seán Deegan

4. Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997
Concepts of Irish Sovereignty - Studia Territorialia

Many videos showing facts and case articles from Irish Radio and TV about immigration
orlared - YouTube

EU tyrant leading politician demanding we give them power, money and croppy lie down.
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Oct 23, 2018
As opposed to this racist, fascist site
No!!! You, beyond any doubt, are the Racist n the Fascist.

I cannot imagine either symbolically or in fact anything more racist or more classist then to import a million non-skilled workers into ones country for the purpose of providing oneself with an abundance of cheap labour, cheap goods, n cheap child services.

Go-on. Watch the videos.
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No!!! You, beyond any doubt, are the Racist n the Fascist.

I cannot imagine either symbolically or in fact anything more racist or more classist then to import a million non-skilled workers into ones country for the purpose of providing oneself with an abundance of cheap labour, cheap goods, n cheap child services.
Like trying to have a logical conversation with a 3 year old
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