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Oct 30, 2015
I saw her live in the National Concert hall years ago. Her voice carried to the rafter and the place was alive with her energy
She is such a country Legend. It is funny that a lot of people slag off Country music, but out of everything out of the USA it allows seemed to me the only thing really sincere, my dad had her vinyl and having vinyl records when most people his age had given it up was a point of extreme to him and one of the things I used to really respect for, and sometimes when I came back home I used desperately beg him to let me listen to some of his collection. Before I die I would love to vist the Appalachian Mountains. I really love this duet between her and Townes Van Zandt and partly is how humble bother are, and Townes Van Zandt was a total legend at that stage, with the way he was feted and most likely had sycophants swarming he still behaves with such humility, actually they both do. I really wish that I had at least that part their gift.

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