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Student dies by suicide after torrent of online abuse for protesting children’s Drag Queen event

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Eagle USA

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Wilson Gavin was one of a number of University of Queensland students abused online for interrupting a Drag Queen Storytime event for children in Brisbane, only for the worst to then happen when Gavin went on to take his own life.
Shouting “Drag Queens are not for kids”, the 21 year old then faced a torrent of abuse from online LGBT activists, along with criticism from Brisbane’s Liberal National Party MP Trevor Evans.


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Oct 16, 2018
You need to know your limits tho before taking issues on in public. The climate today is not for the feint hearted
I’ve often wondered why the majority of gays who, in my experience, despise and will have nothing to do with the activities and demands of extremist LGBT activists, remain silent. This is the reason - they will be bullied into despair and even suicide by the high priests of the movement if they dare to challenge the dogma of the hard core activists. There is no difference between these sociopaths and the agents of the inquisition.
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