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State paying €460,000 a week after 'unexpected rise' in asylum seekers


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Jul 28, 2018
Is it time for Northern Irish and UK citizens to start campaigning for a Trump style Irish BORDER WALL to keep the fake Irish out of their country?
As mad as this sounds, it might actually wake up the irish People who vote for FFG limited and their open border bs?
The Irish fake news and lying political elite have lived within the "NEW PALEFACE" for years in South Dublin,

Pat Kenny came to Balbriggan last week and that lying, fake news, weasel spent all his time talking to bogus asylum seekers and the kids of bogus asylum seekers trying to call Native Irish people from Balbriggan racists,, un-fooking-believable, incredible hypocrisy from a Dalkey ultra white non bogus asylum address, Pat Kenny is a fooking slimy , toady, lying fooking FRAUD that should know better,,,

Best we shove 5 thousand bogus asylum seekers into Dalkey before you open our big lying Gob Pat,,, how would you like that Pat ? fooking scab to Fake News, keep up the good work for your disgusting employers, you lying , appalling excuse ,, Irish people in Balbriggan cannot get a fooking house in their own town cos the SCUM in the Dail keep wasting our taxes buying houses for the third world,, a simple investigator would quickly find out how many FREE houses the taxpayer pays for third worlders in Balbriggan,, thus driving up the price,,

We have the best Fake News in Europe, (outside Sweden's Fake News) it is actually pathetic, just ignore the Skuunts, they get well paid to LIE to us,,,
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