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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Something very fishy about the Covid 19 pandemic


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Nov 3, 2015
This thread is for Alternative discussion regarding the virus.

This site does not support any theories that may be mentioned here, nor do we accept any alternatives regarding cures, medicines or vaccines.

At all times members of the public should follow the advice of their national authorities and medical professionals.


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Sep 4, 2018
It is my belief that the pandemic is a smokes screen.

I do not believe we are seeing anything other than a smokescreen for a global economic crash of biblical proportions.

In 2008 the world economy crashed, no matter where you were the crash affected every country in the world some way or other. We never recovered, despite politicians over the globe all claiming economic recovery the truth was that we were seeing increasing inflation, massive currency debt, more public borrowing and as the saying went, the can run out of road. The cracks we covered up had now become massive holes.

China which is also an Economic basket case knew this was coming, they are literally nothing without the western nations to but their plastic crap. As part of the global plan, they agreed to take part in what I believe to be the biggest ruse in the history of our civilization.

I do not know if there is a virus or not, what I do know is that this virus is not that deadly, if it were we should be seeing hundreds of thousands of dead Chinese. The ruse I believe was to give the idea that massive deaths were occurring whilst confining everyone to their homes so they could not see the truth of the scam. Those who did defy were quickly rounded up and executed.

After the successful operation in China the plan was then adopted by the Western Nations.

The goal is to allow complete Economic Collapse, then from the ashes, they will unveil debt forgiveness to everyone, every bank and every nation. We will all start with a blank slate.

The downside to this will be personal wealth, all money in the banks will be confiscated, our money will be replaced with digital currency and this will be a global currency.

Everyone will be given a basic income regardless of your employment, this will wipe out the need for social payments for various things, there will be 1 minimum income for all. Any employment you have will pay extra but this will not be restricted to any minimum wages.

Borders will fall as we become a global nation.
It is my belief, it is the voices in your head.


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Sep 21, 2019
Val speaks from beyond.



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Feb 10, 2020
Val, an Irish farmer who apparently used to be a Guard and now fancies himself as a budding Youtuber. Has an average audience of 50.

Posts here occasionally.
Like a cop? Does he grow potatoes? You guys in Ireland really love those potatoes!

I used to get corned beef and mashed potatoes in an Irish bar in Philadelphia, they were straight from Ireland too. I think I prefer them to say Idaho potatoes.
Jul 31, 2017
Where in Ireland is that phrase used ? I know it, but I can't remember the last time I heard someone use that term.

The amount of tools who will think that anything this government is doing is anything other then what their being told to do, is scary, but to be expected, fear is great at herding the sheeple.

bells of shandon

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Jun 13, 2019
There is a well know propaganda technique known as FUD, Fear, Uncertainty ,Doubt. This is used when the Regime needs to influence the People in a certain direction.
This was seen in operation in Ireland during the Lisbon and Nice Treaty referenda. The fear of a collapse in the economy, talk of ATM's running dry etc. All incessantly promoted by the corrupt ,controlled Media.. It worked as expected and the vote pattern was reversed.
The same tactic is in 'play' with the Cov19 hysteria, pumped up by a compliant Media machine
This is an “all purpose virus” serving to kill several birds at one stroke: it kills off the 'useless eaters of pensionable age,cutting costs for Govt and Pension funds, it cloaks the worldwide financial collapse caused by fraud; it will cloak another bail-out of the broken Banks, it terrorizes the world’s population into submission, it heightens justification for internet censorship, it advances the Bankers dream of a cashless system, and it gains acceptance for “medical mandatory vaccination Martial Law' with the further restrictions on freedoms.
When this panic pandemic is “officially over” statistics will reveal that COVID-19 was not any more deadly than any other annual flu.
It also explains why the EU failed to support its members during the height of the crisis.
The ordinary people and small businesses will be left with a destroyed economy, unemployment and poverty, the Financiers will make out like bandits with their debts written off.
Ireland will be further enmeshed in the spiders web of debt owed to the ECB, possibly double the present Euro 220 billion
Leo is smiling ,he can blame COV19 and know the Bankers will reward him in due time for his further enslavement of the taxpayers of Ireland.
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