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Conspiracy Theories Something very fishy about the Covid 19 pandemic


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Nov 3, 2015
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Oct 30, 2015
I don't know if part of the problem is that guys like this have permanent pensionable jobs.

He is looking at this virus spreading solely from a medical perspective, he teaches in a Medical faculty and therefore sees the virus entirely in terms or people who will fall ill and people who will die.
He is therefore predisposed to view these medical considerations as the be all and end all. He can afford a worldview that will divide jobs into essential that must be maintained and non-essential that can be terminated as long as his priority of holding this virus at bay can be .achieved.

He doesn't give any consideration to the fact that the people with "non-essential" jobs will lose their livelihood and potentially lose it permanently, he doesn't think about all the small businesses that will be closed permanently. He doesn't think about the poverty and homelessness that his lockdown will be responsible for, he is focused laser-like on suppressing the virus, that is his only objective. He is happy to err on the side of being over-cautious as to his perspective handling the virus is more important than "the economy".

I wonder if he was told in advance of creating his models that in the event of a lockdown that the first category of job that will be deemed to be non-essential and therefore subject to immediate termination will be Professorships would that influence the results of modelling?

If he was told that all third level institutions would be immediately closed with only a limited number to be considered for re-opening when the economy had fully recovered would he have produced the same conclusions?

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Jan 18, 2020
What jumps out from today's Daily Mail is control. All new rules and England's tattooed police thugs, with Muslim extremists like Sadiq Khan, enforcing it. Link Plans to tax you more if you live near a park, so the homos can have more money to pi$$ away, Children being forced to play and pee alone in pre designated spots and no help if they pee themselves because of socialist distnacing.
The Provos will be in their element in all this, beating up people aka legitimate targets if they don't wear a mask or help a vulnerable child.
Covid19 is merely the collateral damage of our changing world, with cretins like Greta Thurnbergs and Simon Harris being the front people for the big players and Provo baseball bat weavers being the enforcers.
As regards Bill Gates, given the amount of idle cash his companies have, it is no wonder he looks at Big Pharma, the sweetest and most lucrative part of Wall St. His bias would, quite naturally, be towards solidifying cash flow and in that, he would be no different form any major player. He is where his logic brought him. Nothing odd about that.
The odd thing is that we have allowed a bunch of lesser cretins immobilise our critical thinking. We actually vote for them as Germans did for Hitler. People, in the end, probably get the lockdown they deserve.
The future is Keelings raspberies, Gates' fake meat, Tesco, Amazon, lockdown, the last of our national assets sold off, Gay Pride victory parades, conservation taxes, exemptions needed for a pile of things and politicians pimping us off to keep themselves in clover.
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