Some "Reveloutionaries":- PBP Solidarity Bank with Vulture Fund Accomplices instead of Credit Union


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Oct 30, 2015
There is a very interesting mainstream book called The Jew of Linz about the relationship in early adolescence between Adolf Hitler and Ludwig Wittgenstein (they were class mates). Wittgenstein later on went to support "Stalinism" due according to the author (who isn't a crank) his "Mystical Monism" (he does demonstrate Wittgenstein most probably held such views or at least was extremely interested in them) and well Hitler became Hitler and was also inspired in doing so by his understanding of "Mystical Monism" (he is on much more shakey ground here in my opinion). However he does show in it (Wittgenstein came from a very connected Jewish family) that Trotsky visited Baron Rothschild and the Rothschilds tried to get Wittgenstein interested in Trotsky (Wittgenstein was having none of it). I was totally flabbergasted to read this in a mainstream book from a mainstream publisher. If David Duke had such I would have shrugged it off as David Duke being David Duke however it confirmed a lot of feelings I had about Trotskyism (basically that Trotskyism became very quickly about Trotsky's desires for revenge and little else and that people who fall into this cult take on the twisted personality of it's founder to a greater or lesser extent). I don't believe in a Jewish Conspiracy- however it is naïve to believe that there are not Jews who conspire.

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