Sligo say NO to invitation for Mike Pence, intervention from LGBT activists


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Nov 14, 2016
We heard a lot more about Tim Kaine's connections to the Ould Sod but in reality, those Mike Pence are a lot closer to Ireland. His grandfather came from Sligo and when he became Vice-President-Elect this week, Yeats's Land of Heart's Desire got all animated about having such a high-ranking grandson. There were plans being openly discussed about issuing an official invitation.

No more. Not everyone is so impressed with Pence - least of all local LGBT activists. Pence has a lamentable record on LGBT rights which you can read about here. One local LGBT activist wrote to the council highlighting Pence's controversial views and it has since been announced that all notions about inviting Mike Pence have been dropped.

Will there be a Pence Plaza? US vice-president elect could be visiting Ireland -

Sligo County Council will not invite Vice President-elect Mike Pence to visit
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