Should the ROI outlaw it's citizens serving in foreign militaries?

Oct 30, 2015
My sister reminded me this morning that the UK has such and of course it is openly mocked not just by Islamists but also by Zionist Jews who go and serve in the IDF. In principle I think such a law is a good one though and think that the ROI should seriously consider introducing a similar law but actually enforcing it. I have thought about the argument that it might make a united Ireland more difficult but the French are highly unlikely to be invading England and Wales anytime soon and these days the principle role of the British Army seems to be being pimped by the traitors in the Ruling Elite to the Yanks so such a law would actually be doing the Prods objectively a bit of a favour.
Jul 31, 2017
I think the opposite is in the thinking here and of course our history has us as mercenaries around the world.
We are one of the most lax countries regarding who can actually be in the army here.

List of militaries that recruit foreigners - Wikipedia

  • Ireland
    • Irish Defence Forces - Nationals of the European Economic Area, which includes member states of the European Union along with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as foreign residents having lived in Ireland for 5 years continuously.[12]

So if you've lived here for 5 years and are from EU you can join the army here.

I always found the vatican city one interesting, especially seeing as the Swiss dont allow their citizens to enter any other army anymore
Vatican City
  • Vatican City's sole armed forces, The Swiss Guard, is made up entirely of Swiss Catholics; however, Swiss Guards are granted Vatican citizenship while they serve.[33]
The Swiss tended to be a neutral country and their soldiers of good quality, so they ended up in a lot of royal courts etc.., but they stopped it and now only allow for the Vatican.
The Swiss constitution, as amended in 1874, forbade all military capitulations and recruitment of Swiss by foreign powers,[11] although volunteering in foreign armies continued until prohibited outright in 1927. The Papal Swiss Guard (see above) remains an exception to this prohibition, reflecting the unique political status of the Vatican and the bodyguard-like role of the unit.

I would be more concerned with the EU army and the push from our traitors in government trying to undermine our neutrality and get us into war/eu wide police state.
Dáil approves Ireland joining EU’s Pesco military framework Dec 7 2017
The Solidarity-People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett has said his party is considering a constitutional challenge to the Government’s proposal to join a new EU military framework.

On Thursday the Dáil voted by 75 to 42 for Ireland to join the Pesco agreement on greater European co-operation on military missions. The Government and Fianna Fáil supported the proposal; Sinn Féin, Labour, Solidarity-People Before Profit, Independents 4 Change, the Green Party and a number of Independents opposed it and claimed the Government tried to force it through the Dáil without proper debate.

Irish involvement in EU defence plan to go before Cabinet Nov 14 2017 Irish involvement in EU defence plan to go before Cabinet
Simon Coveney says a move to participate in Pesco would not undermine neutrality

An EU army is going to need to be able to put troops on the ground throughout Europe. How else will be able to protect the superstate against trucks of peace, or threaten Russia.
Germany Is Quietly Building a European Army Under Its Command | Forei… Germany Is Quietly Building a European Army Under Its Command
Berlin is using a bland name to obscure a dramatic shift in its approach to defense: integrating brigades from smaller countries into the Bundeswehr.

I fear a truck of peace attack in Ireland, similar to these knife attacks that happened with that young Japanese man. People will be clamoring for more guns on the streets to protect us etc..

Import savages, destabilise the region, get your eu army, push us further down the path of slavery under a corporate/totalitarian police state.
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Jan 14, 2016
The 26 country free state is not a real country and has never considered itself to be one.