*Sheol siad teachtaireachtaí dochreidte chugam* - Ó Ríordáin

Tadhg Gaelach

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Jan 14, 2016
Seanad: Statements on the Irish Language - 02 February 2017

*They have sent me unbelievable mail. I have been called a Cromwellian.*

Ó Ríordáin would be hung from the nearest lamp-post for this EPIC FAILURE, if more than 1% of the population could understand a word of what he said. He mocks people who speak broken Irish in his opening pitch, and then proceeds in a condescending tone to attack people the length and breath of Ireland for calling him a Cromwellian. The rationale underpinning his appeals for change, is that an an adjustment to how Irish is taught, would facilitate an improvement in other European Languages such as French, German and Spanish, which is followed by a few cliched condescending phrases about poor people, completely irrelevant to the Irish Language, and the subject under discussion. Then he rounds things off by claiming that he's received an abundance of hate-mail, by elements he describes as the Taliban.

Ní chreidfinn gurbh bhféidir é, ach tá sé ina phleidhc níos críochnaithe as Gaeilge ná as Béarla.
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