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SHANNON Norwegian Air deal confirmed


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Jan 6, 2016
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As Cork Airport awaits news on when it can commence its first scheduled transatlantic service, it has emerged that management at Shannon have also struck a deal with the same airline.

As reported by The Clare Herald last week, there had been speculation that Shannon had also reached agreement with Norwegian Air International, the Irish based subsidiary of Norwegian Air.

It had been hoped that the airline would begin flying to Boston from Cork in May however, these plans have been grounded while a decision is awaited from the US department of transportation (DoT) on a foreign carrier licence application.

While the airline has expressed confidence that it could commence services later in the summer, the future of the flights is dependent on the outcome of that application process.

US authorities have said: “The application involves novel and complex issues, and we are taking the necessary time to evaluate the long-term application appropriately.”

It was last September that the Nordic carrier confirmed plans to operate 4 times weekly between Cork and Boston.
Great news for the region, should bring in a lot of investment.

Only worry is with Cork having the same Airline will they still get a licence to operate, and if they do will they lose out to Shannon?


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Nov 3, 2015
Not from the area , but why would a Norwegian airline fly Shannon to Boston?

Is their much need for that service ?
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