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Orlared "Science has never been good to black people" - Dr. Ebun Joseph

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Dec 11, 2015
"Science has never been good to black people" - Dr. Ebun Joseph.

Dr. Dutta Knight who works as a GP in Newcastle, England said that while Covid-19 could be described as racist, it could also be described as sexist or "fattist" or "ableist" as it affects more men, fat people and people with underlying conditions. She added that it was interesting to see dark-skinned peoples being disproportionally affected in Europe but not in their own native lands. She supposed that there must be something unique about countries further away from equator.

The answer could be vitamin D deficiency. 95% of a person's vitamin D is manufactured by the skin with sunlight. European people's light skin colour has adapted to be able to manufacture the required amount of vitamin D during long winters with little sunlight but darker-skinned people living in these climates often suffer from vitamin D deficiency and need to take supplements. There has been studies to show that people with a vitamin D deficiency are more susceptible to illness from Covid-19.

Dr. Ebun Joseph describes herself as a race relations consultant and career development specialist who lectures on race, stratification, labour market differentials and Critical race theory. She was the module Coordinator for the first Black Studies module in Ireland at University College Dublin. She has no medical qualification.

see here for more info on vitamin D:

You can see more videos with her here:
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Oct 30, 2015
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