RTE dramatizes the Invasion.

Jul 28, 2018
And right on cue we have an enricher masturbating at a bus stop while looking at two Irish girls, (warning graphic), hilariously he is doing it right beside the poster for Taken Down:
From the National Crisis in the UK with Pakistani Child Rape gangs to deviant Irish politicians trying to lie to the voters about OUR geography in the world in relation to the third world, we are not too far away from Iceland, but of course the Icelandic's simply stop illegals as they are on an Island and turn them around within 24 hours,, it works very well,,

This similar Atlantic Island Country run by sh1theads does the opposite and ensures tens of thousands get free housing and the free life, they don't have a big problem with third world crime and industrial scale fraud in Iceland ?

Why is that ?? oh,, that;s right, they vote accordingly,,

The Irish Labour Party are still to this day promoting anchor baby policies ? who in their right mind votes Labour after they enslaved us to the EU banks and unsecured bondholders for the next 30 years ?
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