Video RTÉ get Gearóid Murphy's 'Asylum Industry' video removed from youtube over copyright claims.


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May 7, 2018
RTÉ get Gearóid Murphy's 'Asylum Industry' video removed from youtube over copyright claims.

you can watch it on bitchute here. It had 160k views. Very popular video.
He uses about 4 clips of RTÉ footage to highlight aspects of the asylum industry.


Here's his latest video on the situation.

Last True Gael and The Green Room have also been hit.

you might remember Stefan Molyneux's video on immigration in Ireland also got deleted from youtube with 250K views.
Clearly they're getting scared.
Counts can't refute the reality!


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Aug 29, 2018
Twitter account posting their interest in the addresses if the likes of Gearoid Murphy.
What a pack of psychopaths!!
Are these antifa drones paid to hound people like this? I wouldn't be surprised.

They just love to refer to "white supremacist" stuff and they claim they don't want it in Ireland but use it to label people nonetheless. Disingenuous hypocrites.


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Jul 28, 2018
I always know facts about RTE,, They twice rigged that little gimp moron into the Aras, they clearly lied when they
only showed a grainy image of a boat of "war torn refugees, fleeing oppression" as they approached the ridiculously
placed Irish naval ships in the Med about 5 years ago,, (they we find they were 99% filled with sub saharan African
men) chancing their arm to get to Europe,, RTE funding has to be voted on by the public in a referendum but that
will never happen as the government would lose its main propaganda machine,,

Dee Forbes ? absolute rubbish, her only ability is to beg for more taxes to be imposed on people who
don't watch the RTE crap,, now that really is nothing but a scam artist trying it on,, tell the fuking truth,
get investigative reporting back, show real stats , even the uncomfortable ones,

Just fuk off and DIE RTE,, you were always a whore for sale,
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