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ROI President asked the Coptic Pope to intervene for the Halawa creature.

Oct 30, 2015
Even before the Muslim invasions during the conflicts over the Council of Chalcedon, the Coptic Pope of Alexandria emerged as equally both Ethnarch and Spiritual Leader. This might not sit well with certain Western sensibilities but given Egyptian history and society the situation is one that is almost unavoidable. A little bit of googling would also show that Copts see their primary existential enemy as the Muslim Brotherhood and with good reason. This Easter Week past saw to horrific attacks on their Religious Services.

Given the real day to day problems that Copts face in Egypt in terms of sectarian harassment, discrimination and sometimes as we saw naked violence abstract principles that Ibrahim's Irish defenders invoke are going to mean very little especially given as Dublin 4 pointed out he is MB Royalty and not some naïve lad who got caught up in them- in Egypt things like that carry more weight than they would over here.

To anyone who knows even a bit about Egypt what Michael D did here was incredibly obnoxious. Was he being deliberately so?

The Copts are socially conservative and take a both Ascetic and Liturgical approach to Christianity so I can imagine Irish "Liberals" would them reminiscent of the "Old Ireland" that they so hate, however on the other hand they are in Egypt to Left or Hard Left and supportive of the ideals of old "Arab Nationalism" (their last Pope was militantly Anti-Zionist which drew roc_'s hatred of him), so as a Socialist surely Michael D should have some sympathy with them for that?

Having known Copts personally I admire them greatly.

Why did he do this?

Halawa raised as Coptic leader meets President Higgins