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Rise of the East,Decline of the West

bells of shandon

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Jun 13, 2019
For 6 Centuries since the Great Portuguese Explorers opened the East to trade and Christopher Columbus opened the Americas ,the West has gained from the relationship.
This has changed in Europe as it has become more insular and in the USA as it transferred its wealth and job creation Industries to avail of low cost labour in the East. A sea-change is occurring in World Economic history as we speak .Go East young man to make your Fortune, the West is an old tired lady,stagnating and without fresh ideas to revive itself
Eurasia has most of the world’s wealth, resources, and population — yet there is very low economic connectivity.
A Sino-Russian partnership can collectively create a gravitational pull that allows them to capture the geoeconomic levers of power in the Heartland of Central Asia by creating an alternative to the Western-centric model.
This entails developing new global value chains that captures the high-value activities in strategic industries and energy markets, developing new transportation corridors through Eurasia and the Arctic, and constructing new financial instruments such as development banks, trade/reserve currencies, technical standards, and trade regimes.
Russia’s comparative advantage derives from its geographical expanse by developing an East-West corridor connecting Northeast Asia with Europe, and a North-South Corridor that links India, Iran and Russia. Moscow sees itself as a stabilising factor in Eurasia by bringing together the entire continent with economic connectivity to ensure that it becomes multipolar and no one state or region can dominate.
The EU stands to lose much from Russia’s Greater Eurasia ambitions. Russia’s original Greater Europe project, which the EU rejected, would have endowed the EU with a powerful ally to collectively project influence deep into the Eurasian continent.
In contrast, Russia’s new Greater Eurasia initiative will marginalise the EU’s role across Eurasia as socio-economic and political decisions will be made by BRICS, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and the Belt and Road Initiative.
The EU is faced with a dilemma as it has strong economic incentives to cooperate with the development taking place in Greater Eurasia, yet this would contribute to the shift away from the Western-centric geo-economic infrastructure.
Europes subjugation to the USA in matters of Defence, Politics and economics, means it will go down with a sinking ship.
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Dec 31, 2018
This notion of a sinking ship Europe sounds like the kind of nonsense Neocons were churning out at the turn of the century.

And why would anybody want to leave their homeland to go to some completely different culture and way of life? I'd rather be poor and live in Ireland than be well off and live in Japan thank you very much.
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