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Review: Travels in Cultural Nihilism

Oliver Plunkett

PI Member
Jan 16, 2019
Ar fud na háite
By Steven Pax Leonard:

Even in the introduction to his book, Leonard enters the world of forbidden thought not with tentative musings, but with gusto and strength of conviction. Words aren’t minced. Excuses aren’t provided. Apologies are nowhere to be seen. Multiculturalism, declares Leonard, “has been a disaster everywhere.” In Sweden, it has been “forced” on a “kind people that are liberal-managed with the aid of a mendacious, Government-subsidised media.”
Leonard is exceptional at highlighting the hypocrisy and sheer malevolence of cultural Marxists. The same people who claim to want to “integrate” immigrants into Western society are often the first to claim there is no indigenous culture to integrate into. Leonard points out that the aim of the cultural Marxist is not to integrate immigrants with the native population, but to recruit and incite the former against the latter: “one cannot begin to integrate people from very alien cultures into one’s Western society if one educates them by telling them that their European hosts (be it Swedes, Britons, or Germans) are collaborators, racists, colonialists and fascists.”

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