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Republican Dara O'Flaherty sticks the boot into Communism

Sham frÓg

PI Member
Aug 25, 2020
This is another person that absolutely no one in the real world has ever heard of ...
No one heard of these lads either until they took over Dublin and proclaimed the Republic -


Esto Praesidium

PI Member
Jun 9, 2016
A load of Bollox...

I can only speak for my own family but they knew most of them by their first names ...
Before 1916? All your family were involved in the IRB preparing for revolution? None went off to Flanders to fight for little Catholic Belgium so that we could get Home Rule?

Napper Tandy

PI Member
Nov 6, 2015
I persuaded some fellow frogs in Galway to vote for him the last time. He's a good man and we need more like him.
What vote did he achieve?
first preference, total, % percentage of the total first preference votes cast and did he have a bearing on the final outcome?