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Reddit to implement new hate speech rules

Jun 28, 2020
One of the largest websites in the world, Reddit seems to be going down the YouTube route of implementing draconian rules regarding what can be said in relation to race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Not that any of those areas are morally right in themselves, but does it really serve any purpose to be censoring those opinions nonetheless? I'm not of course talking about ignoring say calls to violence against certain individuals of another race just for being what they were born as, but more so everyday criticism of for example mass immigration or Islam's historical and present record regarding human rights.

While certain opinions don't always make for the most pleasant of viewing, what purpose does it serve in trying to silence them, moreso as to those people, such views branded as racist etc. are deeply held convictions which they swear by to be truth. In light of recent efforts by YouTube to close down platforms such as that of Stefan Molyneux's channel along with other examples such as the closing of Gemma O'Doherty's channel last year, it seems to be becoming more apparent by the day that Big Tech in a concerted effort is conspiring as a whole to shut down and eradicate entire belief systems from their platforms. It becomes particularly problematic in the run up to elections, aka. Left Wing views are given free publicity whilst Right Wing voices or those opposed to such views are nowhere to be seen or heard.

It seems like we're going back to a more primitive time akin to that when one wouldn't dare criticise a King for fear of the repercussions. The 18th century concept beginning with the Enlightenment that all voices should be heard, including those we disagree with seems to fading into obscurity with each passing week and will no doubt be but a distant memory providing censorous tech firms and governments continue to get their way.

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Seánie McRant

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Apr 22, 2019
Tech is all about innovation, non centralized areas will always exist due to the necessity of technology to exceed the grasp of those who wish to control it
Yes, We have to constantly out-innovate government controls. Relying on Google, Facebook and Twitter to manage our interactions is pure lunacy. I stand accused myself- to a certain extent.


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Nov 16, 2015
It's all about the upcoming election.

Democratic Party is using it's influence with the big tech companies
to silence pro Trump commentary on all big internet platforms prior to November.

They don't want a repeat of last time where the internet helped get him elected.

Sleepy liquid brained corporate yes man Biden needs every bit of help he can get.

Honestly both are shite.
The american people had much better younger options such as Tulsi Gabbard but they just ignored them.
Are these two arseholes truly the best the US, a country of 331,000,000 people has to offer??
They will get what they deserve either way.

The problem is the rest of us had no say and we don't deserve to have to live with their stupid choices!
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