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Radical feminism hits British Advertising

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UK bans “harmful gender stereotypes” in ads

The United Kingdom has officially banned “harmful gender stereotypes” in advertising over concerns it could contribute to societal inequality. But is this political correctness run amok, or long-overdue reform? RT.com reports.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned “harmful gender stereotypes” likely to cause “serious or widespread offense” from all ads in a ruling that takes effect Friday. The rule springs from a 2017 review that found absorbing gender stereotypes through advertising could limit people’s potential and play a part in “unequal gender outcomes.”

Complaints will be dealt with on a case-by case basis, examining the “content and context” to assess whether the rule had been broken, as using non-offensive gender stereotypes – such as women shopping, or men doing work around the house – is still OK under the new rules, as is using stereotypes to subvert expectations.
Scenarios like a man failing at changing diapers or a woman unable to park a car, however, would run afoul of the new rules. The advertising authority also called out stereotypes in children’s behavior, warning that ads depicting girls as “caring” and boys as “daring” would come under scrutiny. Violators will be referred to Ofcom or the Trading Standards board for sanctions if the ASA is unable to reach an agreement with the offending company, and their ads may be withheld from broadcast.

“This is just the advertising industry bowing down to radical feminism,” Justice for Men and Boys leader Mike Buchanan told RT, pointing out that while “only 9 percent of British women self-identify as feminists,” their influence is wildly disproportionate. This is all about trying to make women more like men, and that requires men to become more like women.’
UK bans "harmful gender stereotypes" in ads - Voice of Europe

The world has officially gone nuts. It seems the west is on a course to weaken the resolve of the man, the Gillette advert was an example fo this. While the western male bows over, goes full pink libtard running around with feelings and loving Pride parades, the hardened immigrant will waltz into the country and take what he likes.

Tadhg Gaelach

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Jan 14, 2016
By the Gulag wall.
Yes, suggesting that men have penises is seriously harmful to society 🤪
Jul 31, 2017

Will they ban white men looking like weak useless degenerate cuckolds versus all other ethnic groups, or women in their ads.

The social engineering is to be followed by laws enforcing their dogma, we are mirroring the US. This is only the start of this insanity, the sheeple will lap it up, the rest will do their best to ignore for now, but it will effect them eventually. EDIT, though these countries seem to be trying to out virtue signal each other at this point, Ireland is proven to be especially good at this.
Nov 5, 2018
didnt Sadiq Khan hit any adverts on London Transport that may have been considered 'immodest' ?

anyway, what are 'harmful gender stereotypes' ? is it like saying all Chief Execs are male ? what about 90% of the prison population being male ? is that just a harmful stereotype ?
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Myles O'Reilly

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Feb 3, 2017
The rule springs from a 2017 review that found absorbing gender stereotypes through advertising could limit people’s potential and play a part in “unequal gender outcomes.”

Here they are admitting that people 'absorb' messages from advertisements into their minds, in other words its a subliminal form of brainwashing. Therefore they're de facto admitting that black man/white women combos are brainwashing native girls to mate with black and brown immigrants.


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Jul 28, 2018
What's an Ad ?? I haven't seen one in twenty years as I turn off fooking everything that even looks like an Ad ??

radio, TV,. print , etc,, I just ignore it like I do all the PC propaganda inserted into , well, anything,

The appalling rigged President or Taoiseach comes on the TV,, OFF, Switch Channel, ,, it works ,,,

I do enjoy a few minutes laughing at the propaganda on C4 or BBC/RTE news etc,, it cracks me up watching all the Fake NEWs, and lies,
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