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Racism - Irish hating Irish


PI Member
Mar 27, 2016
dublin donegal
Saoirse Ronan: "I have friends who had to spend thousands on travel to the UK for abortions"

"When I was younger, and there were petitions to repeal the Eighth, I remember thinking that even though it was the right thing, maybe I shouldn’t say anything. This was the way it had always been," she said. "But then you get older, and you come into your own womanhood and you realise how complicated and amazing being a woman is, and how protective you feel of your own body. The idea that anyone could have a say over that is bizarre."

The Carlow-native has seen first-hand the ordeal of having to travel for an abortion. "I’ve had friends who had to travel to Liverpool for an abortion, spend thousands of euro, put yourself in the Holiday Inn…"

"The Church is still a massive presence. But it is changing. It doesn’t have the grasp it used to" she said.

Saoirse Ronan: I Have Friends Who Had To Travel To UK For Abortions
The idea that anyone can have a say over it is bizarre

ha ha

most sex is because some guy has a say over some womans body
what planet does she live on


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Mar 14, 2017
Never ever say reverse racism. It's one of the most retarded terms I've ever heard. Just call it what it is, racism.
I agree. A YouTube video was uploaded recently about "Reverse Colonialism in Ireland". This isn't reverse colonialism, we never colonised anyone, this is just Colonialism.

Irish Warrior

PI Member
Nov 18, 2017
Well it seemed like ages to her, do you wash your teeth every now an then.
I have always left the ladies wanting more. They remember the one that gets away. Especially a handsome, charming and witty devil like myself 😎
Telling my sister lies about me and telling her to tell me to contact her isn’t gonna work.

George Dillon

PI Member
Nov 6, 2018
QUOTE="Irish Warrior, post: 332006, member: 1805"]I actively avoid Irish women because they’re devious lying bastards. One got her 15 year old niece to start texting me on social media and I copped she was being coached what to write.
You can’t look at them these days or you’re in love with them or some shit. A 1 I kissed up a park lane 21 years ago approached my sister out over Christmas and said her and I went out with each other for ages back then.
I was still stirring my tea wondering what it was all about at that stage.
Foreign women are much less likely to land you with a false rape charge than Irish women.
I’ve seen many cases of it even in UK.
A 1 told everyone a guy raped her recently to destroy his reputation, she’s now in a relationship with said “rapist”!
The generation of narcissistic females here want total control of men, men have to have the wallet out and open and if they don’t they’re destroyed with slander and false allegations.
Much safer for men to steer well clear of them.[/QUOTE]

I don't like this post. You re pushing a negative stereotype of 50% of the Irish people.
A false one too.
There are Irish women who post here. Good posters.
Have some respect.


PI Member
May 12, 2017
Is this why some people refer to it as "Post-Fascist"? Powerful.

The European Union simply needs to be reformed, then.
Better to 'Follow The Money', & stick with it, for real answers. The EU & UN were created by the Rothschild/Rockefellar Banking Elite, in 1945, the League of Nations, now the EU, which will most likely collapse 'by design', & push a cashless society, under even more control, & be replaced with the UN, which will be 1000 times Worse.
2 create a Low wage, mixed race Federation of No identity, to END 'Nation States'.
The Governments are 'Overlorded' by the Owners of the Financial System (Central Banks, & Privately Owned Media).
Who Really Owns The Banks? (Some answers inside)
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